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Camilo Pardo, Tom Tjaarda, David Newhardt and many other VIPs enjoyed The Road of Maharajahs Rallye 2009
With Newhardt on board, you'll see exciting pics in certain future Mustang mags publications this summer.
And  with Tjaarda and Pardo (GT designer) and more with an automotive background having joined you can picture the class of this adventure, that Ponysite.de was proud to support Mustang maniac Bassam from the early beginnings.You were and still can follow the updates, car descriptions and more on the Tjaarda Equus here
on this website  
Keep an eye on Ponysite for more background information in the future. 

The new Tom Tjaarda designed EQUUS Tom 1 EQ 500 will set another milestone in 2009 and is a special car in that rallye. It will be the first one, which really is seriously backed up for something bigger. Stay tuned. 
A new website has been set up with www.equus-automotive.com for information about the existing and future cars and the New Tjaarda Era that just began. 

Past info we ran about the rallye and its cars


Remember you read it here first again.
A new trend in the Mustang world of 2009

Stuffing a modern GT500 engine in a Designers car like Tom Tjaardas EQUUS Tom 1 EQ500 will become a more comon option these days with engineering groups working on it. 

Some of us including myself have seen the current trend of modern technology in a classic Mustang body for a long time from the perspective that good old classic cars get robbed of its soul. For something that should not be in a classic body. But I recognized after some recent discussions with entrepreneurs who love the classic Mustang just like us, but opt for something different that adds the full-flexed driving experience of a modern car... that there could be another perspective. Actually they were only lacking reall good Design to put on their perfect tuned suspension and engine combos.

With the availability of the 69/70 body from Dynacorn and the early body of the 65/66 already in late 2009, we will see some very peculiar niche market cars of modern Mustangs in a classic suit, even if they toss the framework for a better construction. Panoz set already a milestone with its completely new designed infrastructure of the so-called Patrick Dempsey (DPM) Mustang, featured at the SEMA 2007 and in Mustang Monthly July 2008.

Aside from our Classic Mustang News, we will therefore in the future also make room in investigating this new breed of Mustangs. We start off in the next weeks with the Panoz Mustang. 

Terry Lobzun from RM Auctions contacted us back then for the news about the Sony & Cher Mustangs appearing at R/M and updated us again on 7th. January with a few more previous unseen pictures. Thanks Terry.  The auction is  set for the 6-8th. February 2009 in Ford Lauderdale.

See www.ponysite.de/sonnycher.htm for again updated details and new pictures.

And www.ponysite.de/sonny_cher.htm for past information we collected with our network and thanks to the late Don Chambers from Mustang Country (previous owner)
The 1969 Mach 2 C - pictured here in the Ford studios on 8-15-1969 has never been seen in public magazines as far as we know. We are glad to have eagle-eyed contributors like Christian Wehde, who sent us this Rare Find.
"It went as far as a glassfibre show car. Ford didn't think they could mass produce it and make a profit. It was only suitable as a limited production supercar." says Franco Varani (GT40 researcher for Ronnie Spain) about this studio shot.

The Mach 2 C was developed by Ford in the race for a mid-engined street car against the GM ASTROII. You see a lot of resemblance in both designs.

More on the Mach 1/2 history
Our friend Rico G. - famous by his recent Shelby steering wheel reproductions - came up with new rare finds of genuine photography at the Shelbyforums.

This is 5R209 driven by Peter Schetty back then at the St. Ursanne hillclimb race. 
The car is still around hidden in Switzerland and not for sale, if you'd like to ask that typical question.

More on 5R209 on our club website.

The very first Mustang GT - was this question ever answered?
We need your help this time, we are trying to find the lowest known VIN or build date of a Mustang GT at the San Jose factory. Jim Haskell/Jim Smart had registered one in their Mustang Production Guide with a build date February 4th, 1965 (5R08A183374) in contrary to KARMustang, which states, that factory GTs were not build before 20th. February
Our friends at www.early-mustang.com are not really convinced there is a confirmed GT earlier then March 65 (which is an export car in their registry) and would only accept an order sheet or production sheet. 
The Mustang with GT specific equipment pictured on the right side was built in late January already. 
We are trying to find the lowest VIN number and/or the earliest build date for a 1965 Mustang GT for the owner of this car. It has all the typical GT insignias as the owner claims, but we have yet to find out wether the build date would match it. Until then it remains a Mustang with GT options added some time.

Guess somebody already made an attempt to find this out or it has been published elsewhere, but we are just blind these days for the obvious. So let's have your lowest Mustang GT VIN.
We hate to say it, we knew it long before he and Ford knew it, but that is actually the case. 
And we predicted it on these News pages more than once.
When I enjoyed the ride with Jost Capito back then at the Ring in the Ford Fiesta ST, it was very obvious that this guy had potential and true Ford Motorsport blood in his veins. Obviously somebody at Ford reads Ponysite, so with our recommendation Jost found a new position as worldwide Ford Performance Car Manager, head of european and american SVT forces plus more.
I hope remembers that scared little guy on the backseat at the Ring, while driving with Richard and myself and chasing the Porsches.

Jost Capito with his latest achievement, the Focus RS. W changed the colour a bit just for another idea for Jost!
Collectors garages

A teaser is this low-mileage Boss, that even renowned B429 expert Ed Myer took hundreds of photos from for further restorations to come.
The car belongs to an even more interesting collection in Europe that we covered in the 03/2008 club magazine (FMCOG)
The car belongs to a collection of various 67 and 68 Shelbys and another B429.
Goldfinger locations revisited - 
Article in Octane December 2008

Tania Mallet finally made it back to the Bond movies Goldfinger locations at the Furka pass in Switzerland.The pic shows her in Sept. 2008. With help trough our european Mustang network, we took care that a suitable Mustang was on site to play a major role in the recreation of the chase scenes. 

It must have been a lot of fun for our Mustang fellow Peter Lanz and his Mustang to follow or overtake the DB5 of a british collector during a restaging of the Goldfinger scenes at the original locations in Switzerland.
Klaus from www.early-mustang.com and myself made it happen for him to join the gang of this famous couple of cars and a Rolls Royce Phantom used by Goldfinger himself in the movie. Accompanied by a Shelby GT500 and a AM DBS the pictures and movie are worth to see in the near future on TV and in further publications aside from this month Octane. 
The world famous Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, now has on display the first production Ford Mustang hardtop. The 60,000 square foot museum contains over 100 specialty automobiles that have been carefully restored to their original elegance. Packard, Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow, Rolls-Royce, as well as other cars of their stature, are artfully exhibited in a way that shows many historical changes and developments of automotive design and engineering.
This 1965 first
production Mustang hardtop was shipped from the Ford Dearborn factory to help launch the new Ford pony car to the public in April, 1964. The new introductory model was mistakenly shipped to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  It arrived too late for the continental first day public introduction and after its first retail sale one year later, dropped into obscurity for over 35 years. Discovered by Bob Fria after 13 previous owners, the car was restored to precise factory new specifications and has a fully developed provenance.

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, this first Mustang will remain on display until the summer of 2009. 
THE FIRST MUSTANG HARDTOP on Display at a Museum

This historical hardtop is owned by Bob and Joyce Fria of LaCrescenta, California. 
  The Museum is located at 15151 Bledsoe St, off San Fernando Rd, in Sylmar, CA and is open to the public free of charge.  Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday, 9am – 4:30pm. For further information call (818-364-6464) or www.nethercuttcollection.org.

The Highlights this year in the Mustang world
A. The Tjaarda EQUUS EQ500
Acc. to our sources the new Tjaarda/CDC EQUUS EQ500 won BEST OF SHOW at the SEMA 2008. Production of a limited seris of this supercar with a 5,4 liter engine and 600HP (4,6 with 485 HP optional) will begin in 2009. Here is  a sneak preview of the website 

SEMA Highlight B
The car we followed for a while and where we presented exclusive Sneak Preview pics in our Bullittnews section.

6th.Novemberr 2008
New Dynacorn 1969 body presentation at the SEMA 2008
Another Ford official licenced product 
(note the blue famous sticker at the rear)
The new 69 Body made by Dynacorn. We will take a closer look at the details these days.

A new Shelby book from Art Evans, 

reviewed by Wallace Wyss. Click here
24th. October 2008
9T02S170809 had a special destination, when it left the factory

... and ended up finally in Chesters hands as an original export (DSO 90) Mustang, that got converted to RHD, before receiving its rare Ford Australia VIN indicating AA07JH 70809 Sydo-N. 701149. 
More in January 09 about this almost unique Mustang down under.

BTW - We had shown you already a 1971 Boss351 RHD survivor previously. The new owner meanwhile found its first owner with some help and support from our australian contributors. As soon as we get some more update.
24th. October
The Harry Salzman 
1970 Cobra Jet R-code convertible

- currently on sale in Europe
Harry Salzman directed the early James Bond movies.He was a big cigar smoker, and you can still see a cigar burn on the drivers seat! 
Mr. Salzman ordered this car directly from Dearborn, Detroit.He requested a lot of extras, such as an automatic select-shift cruise-o-matic transmission, electric clock, Goodyear whiteside tires, front brake rotors, power steering and air condition.
Salzman enjoyed riding his rare Mustang, in Buckinghamshire, UK, where he lived most of his life. His American pony car was one of a kind made for export in 1970 acc. to the Marti report

We feature the car first in our club mag 01/2009 together with a report on norwegian collector garages.


24th. October
An outstanding Mustang pick-up from the UK
463HP out of a 331cui engine powers this clean and mean car from Mick Bull. Mick bought it as a 1966 basket case in the states and restored it to its current glory.
The car was totally refabricated with new bed pressing and subframe connectors, a gas operated rear lid and much more.
We'll have a closer look at it after featuring it in our club mag first.
Never shown on car shows, so this is its first coming out here and in our club mag 03/2008.

If you'd like to see other Musteros and Pickups, check out this subpage

18th. October
THE CDC Flashback 002
in Bullitt fashion

Sneak Preview of  thrilling SEMA 2008 news
only here on www.ponysite.de/bullittnews

Shelby Racers of the Past - 
where is this car today?

Malte Huth at Happburg August 1965
1st. place

Howard Pardee from SAAC searched his database repeatedly, but the few missing registered cars don't match the description, so either it might be still around with the owner not knowing what he really has or it was declared wrecked at some time, burried with no history.

Gaisberg Sept.1966, 1st. place
Malte Huth was a famous hillclimb racer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and I was fortunate again, that he opened up his photobox for us. We are still trying to reunite him with his old Shelby racer, that his father ordered via Lucky Cassner and which was delivered initially to a higher rank of the US army in Germany to avoid licencing problems.
The car later was sold to the Schwabengarage and its trace lost since then. Unfortunately we don't have a VIN.
More pics will be soon here 
This car was raced often against K. Fritzingers Mustang* and Peter Schettys R-Shelby**.

* Today owned by Roger Cortani    ** Still around in Switzerland
Two T-5s in Canada
German export Mustangs found their way back to the US and to many places over the world. We've heard of some in Australia and NZ, in Curacao or Mexico or as far east as in Russia.
Still it remains over there a rare opportunity if one T-5 meets another. Alex Kilpatrick and Paul Boudreau met last weekend in Moncton/New Brunswick and put their cars side by side for a nice memory shot.

Plus one T-5 more
Since there is not only one T-5 in Canada, Alex presented us with the recently restored Black Jade 69 T-5 from Ron, picture taken in Fredericton/NB already in June this year.

Alex red one is fully documented on this site if you want to read a few bits on this special 69 T-5 history
It's tough to beat our swiss Mustang maniacs Fred and Andre

Both in terms of designing an almost unique*  modern Shelby notchback race car and in beating them on the track or in hillclimb races. Shown here at the Austrian Salzburg circuit in 2008 and with their latest creation a Mustang IV Trans Am interpretation yet hidden in a garage.

Molds for the bodies were made in joint cooperation and we hope to see Freds  latest precision work soon during another oncoming race event. Andre W. and Fred Böni are well known in the swiss scene with their hidden jewels of Ford Motorsport and many a thrilling Big Block project waiting for completion.

* almost because they made 2 of them

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