Trans Am and more at Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 2014
Michael Gullery, Wolfgang Kohrn - January 7th, 2015

It is always appreciated to get a report from our worldwide contributors. Michael Gullery kept his eyes and camera lens open at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion Races in August 2014 (Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway) and sent us a number of shots.

Thanks Michael

Revisit this page, as we will post more pics soon and more detailed descriptions.


The famous Shelby #002 and #003 that went through all parts of the US in 2014.
Thanks to John Atzbach and Mark Hovander for showing them around.

Ex-Dan Furey Boss 302
Jim Halseys racer
Chip Hane in their family racer

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