The Making of Cornfield
An instant hit - the Mustang 2005 Commercial
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Mark Myers enjoyed the filming of the commercial a lot. Photo David Stuart

The digital overlay of McQueens face on Myers head - a true challenge during the filming for Mark. Every movement had to be within millimeters.
Photo courtesy Believe Media

Photo David Stuart

Exclusive Ponysite Series: 
The Interviews with the Actors

B. Mark Myers as Steve McQueen
Interview by David Kunz

Thanks to Mark for his willingness to share some backscene information of the CORNFIELD commercial for the Ford Mustang 2005.

1. When did your interest in Steve McQueen start and what ignited it in your youth?

When I was a small child in England and saw The Great Escape...then later Bullitt...... I always looked like Steve...people would say so...
After hearing that
watching the films was very special to me.

2.  Which cars did you drive back then and what is your daily ride today?

Well, I was a small boy in the 60s, but had a Ford Zephyr...a fast car for England. I was 17 or 18 years old then. Always tried to get it to go fast, as it had a 6 cylinder engine.
Today...I own old Willys Jeep...the kind with the the pickup bed on back. It's
restored...metallic green. I also have a Ford F150 flatbed for my work

3. How often have you seen the original BULLITT movie and what do you remember about the late 60ies, when it came out?

Quite a few everyone else...loved the chase sequence. Surprising to see Steve McQueen play a cop. It went against his type..somehow.

4. Did you happen to meet him in your youth?

No...never did.

5. What do you like about him and what not? Reading his biography did make a change for me....

I liked his natural ability to portray a hero without saying was all the looks he gave.
Later, though, I was disappointed in his drug use...but this explained how he
could do that stare so well!

6. In which commercials or movies did you play him aside from the Puma, Cobra and 2005 spot?

After the Puma spot...Paul street met me and decided to use me in next spot.
Another one was the Shell commercial in Australia...a send-up of the Great Escape chase. Fortunately,
I already knew how to ride a motorcycle. The ad was very famous in Australia. It won several awards.

7. What are your other jobs aside from this?

I'm a tree surgeon.

8. Can you say something about the PUMA spot locations, the film team, Paul Streets enthusiasm?

Paul Street actually didn't meet me until after the Puma spot. His co-producer had met me and introduced us. He was amazed at the resemblance to McQueen and assured me that I would play him in his next project. 
enough, I got the call for the Cornfield spot. Paul Street is a fan of McQueen...he also owns Mustangs. He's the man, for sure!

9. Frankly I never saw the Bullitt Cobra spot, until I saw your website. Was it only aired in the US or did I miss something?

It was aired in Canada only...a large Ford dealership (MSA Ford) made this commercial for a special car they had built.

10. Can you tell us some background about this Cobra commercial and the fun, locations, etc.

Took hill jump in the 65 miles per hour...3 or 4 takes...smashed oil sump...fuel lines...broke front went into a was a close call. 
Bud Ekins advised how to do it properly...told me that Bullitt jumps
were done at exactly 65 miles per hour. 
For the Canadian spot, the car being
chased went over the hill, and I lost communication...the walkie-talkie radio slid off seat. Fortunately Bernie Saywell (stunt man in other car) kept going after he landed and looked up and just saw the underside of the Mustang.

11. Any info on the deal with Warner Bros and the McQueen trust? 


12. I've read that they finally "overlayed" the digital McQueen face for the Cornfield video. Was that part of the deal or where you informed about this later. 

That was planned from the start Though in magazine ad are some Steve, some me. I think it was a mistake, since we look so much alike. That's me walking up to farmer...also me catching keys.

13. Any backstage story about the fun at the Cornfield, catering or safety problems, team efforts, incidents, car preparation, your presence there and funny incidents?

Everything we did had to be lined up by very exact measurements...every shot perfect...hitting marks was crucial. There were lots of takes...playback monitors to match shots. I had to be in precise spots in every shot so that Steve's face could be put over mine.

14. What are your plans for the future or do you know of any Warner Bros. or Paul Street future projects? (2006 special edition Mustang BULLITT or new movie project?)

None yet, though I'm sure...Paul Street will certainly call when he needs a double again.

15. Any other things, you'd like to mention?

Just for the records, maybe... I'm 5-7"1/2...McQueen was 5-6"1/2.

I still have the tweed jacket from the Cornfield shoot...costumer custom made it to match the one from Bullitt. The costumer is named Alex. Great piece of memory.


Thanks to David Kunz for doing this interview with Mark. 

If you'd like to read more about Mark Myers, check out his website at 

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