Ben Maccabees Bullitt replica used in 
the Remake of the Chase Scene in 2010
©Ben Maccabee/Wolfgang Kohrn 2010, updated April 14th. 2011

When Gateway Classic Mustang introduced their tribute car with Chad at the 2008 SEMA Show, rumours spread quickly around that a small series will be produced after this prototype. Well... the project was ON all the time, but it took obviously more than a year to make it perfect and source serial production components plus make the resources available. 

The first serial 1968 Mustang rebuild in Bullitt style is almost finished. 
The new owner contacted us in April 2011 for advice on his first trip to SFO. Stay tuened for pics. 

Ben Maccabee had the chance to tour the PICTURE CAR plant and be part of a promotional video with his 1967 replica done by that company.

See exclusive first pictures of this probably best ever Remake of the Chase Scene here on 

The Pros from Picture Cars did a great job and the final video will be certainly soon available in high-resolution webstreams from GCMs website or aired as commercials during oncoming events and on Speedchannel or related car Enthusiast spots.

Hairraising and adrenaline pure. 

"Phil and Ted, the 'PICTURE CAR' Team players had a blast reenacting the Bullitt chase.  
People were cheering and were overwhelmed with that rare familiar sigthing, it brought back memories to a lot of McQueen fans.  I was invited to their plant and saw their 1968 Bullitt in final stages of work, what a beautiful car. "
Ben Maccabee

"Bullitt was released by Warner Brothers/Seven Arts in the fall of 1968, and it set a standard for realism that was a highwater mark in filmmaking for years. The chase scene was not sped up to give the false impression of speed. And there were no speedometer shots to "prove" that it was a highspeed pursuit. Instead, director Peter Yates and cinematographer William Fraker used their considerable combined experience, along with the latest technology of the era, to put the realism of the chase right in our faces."
David Kunz

More soon

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