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A group of Enthusiasts looking constantly for a challenge 
© Wolfgang Kohrn - October 2006, updated Sept. 2008


Present and future  
was the title of a brochure created about the Ford Styling Studio back then in the 60ies.

Styling has always been one domain of the Mustang history, present and future that draws many newcomers and genuine people. The timeless look of a classic and the retro-style of the latest version has something for everybody. 

Designed to be your personal car. This is valid for Ponysite is well. 
It's designed to be your personal website, if you have something to say about your relation to Mustangs

Ponysite adds to Present and Future a look back in the history of rare cars through the eyes of authentic genuine people, sneaks into private photobooks of the 60ies and 70ies, collects movie people memories, provides in-depth details about what was going on inside and backstage. Striving to find the key tune to open more (back)doors and relink former buddies every month. 

Making the difference in cyberspace and printed publications, wherever possible.
It's amazing how little is still known today about our icon.  

Those who jumped on the Ponysite train, benefit from insider information in linking up with new buddies or "old" ones that seemed to have disappeared, while maintaining their individualism and privacy with full respect from the others.... just if they wish to say something, their word is heard and carefully transferred and treated.

Open hood mentality is appreciated and found everywhere in our network, we do like blowers, turbos and nitrous, but in our Mustang talk we avoid the disturbing sound of whistling, whining and too much compressed air. 
Speak gentle and rumbling with the right fule/air ratio and you get a nice exhaust tune here. Ponysite is an engine, that needs fuel and offers performance. Lean over the engine bay and let your thoughts and advice spin to tune like in the good 'ol days. Unfold your personality freely with the odeur of a classic or fresh car.

We are constantly  looking for a challenge to find out more than has been published widely. 
Contact us, if you have something to say that other Mustangers could be interested in. 

Thanks to the audience and contributors.

Your Online Classic Mustang Mag
Who is behind the Ponysite group?

Do you know which of these guys helps Ponysite to find the news? 
We are not telling you... actually it's 3 of them in this pic and 2 outside of this pic, wo have directly or indirectly reported for Ponysite already in the past. Everywhere, where genuine Ford guys come together, there is one Ponysite contributor amongst them. 

Once and then a few people* express doubts in our news. Ok, why not... If you find them entertaining, have fun in reading them, a good laugh is always better than whining around and insulting notes of people that have too much time and don't take any issue forward - not in their life nor on any forum. 

I'd like to "drop" some editorial notes, how really works - let's say backstage. 
While our focus is to remain entertaining and regain enthusiasm every day in our hobby, with internationally linked scene insiders,genuine Ford people, enthusiasts and researcher liaisons, photographer and magazine journalist resources....we sneak into more secret documents, after-work parties, business talks, R&D hidden labs, factories and facilities than some that have the direct link to official "managed" news. is proud of its resources that have been built up since 16 years. Thanks to all of those contributing and keep up your effort in making Ponysite No. 1 for the UNEXPECTED NEWS.
We have brought hundreds of genuine Ford/Shelby people together with car owners and vice versa and information related to their cars, paying off in "Give and take" relations, that provide benefit for everyone enjoying 

Having a guy sitting next to decision makers in an armchair, picking up thoughts and words of wisdom is sometimes more interesting than waiting for the "outlet" PR managers to update you. Getting it right, leaving the yet secret things out with respect to the information owner or provider, but inspiring back with another idea often creates an "Open Hood-Mentality". The thrilling world of creativity that drives real car people, be it designers, engineers or marketing people. 

Having relations to people walking in and out at all the related Ford performance shops helps to get the full picture or even drive them towards a new direction. Ponysite tries to invite people leaning over the engine bay and having a good time in brainstorming new ideas - or rather mindmapping, as it's called today in more modern management practice. While brainstorming is about starting with a blank sheet of paper, mindmapping puts an item in the middle to create new ideas from there. That's exactly what we do here. We are talking Mustang and we put the heart of it right in the middle, nothing else.
This is the aim of
A free of charge, independent and unpaid  .... inspiring, thrilling place of Mustang enthusiasm for everybody (well almost). 

We don't fight to convince everybody. Join us or the others. There is still enough room in cyberspace, even on this fragile world ..yet for a limited time, since the ozone is vanishing quicky. 

Today the ozone hole has the size of North America, if you missed the real worlds news. Is this frightening you? Probably not, but it should. So in todays world let's not debate over a 370 or 375 HP new Mustang engine figure, let's take a look at what could widen your horizon, if the right people take the right decisions with a clear view towards making your and your kids life more lifeworthy, be it in the cars world or out there - now go get milk and cookies and think again, what is FUN and Responsibility really about. And don't forget, this editorial isn't really serious.

*like the post in 2004, when we predicted the Shelby Hertz car already and another posting this year for the BULLITT Theme car),. The first has made a big splash and the second is due to publication as well. We don't know the details of the agencies schedule (yet), but we know where it came from and where it is going. That's all we need to know to make our point and get you the News first hand. If we fail, it's not always us, our news depend on the decision makers and might follow the logical terms of some of them.

Ponysite & Mustang- 
Powered by Emotions.
If you ever wondered why this place is called Ponysite and why I have such a personal interest in Phil Clarks history and his Pony emblem, here is why.

My history sticks to the Pony emblem for almost 30 years now, reason enough to go back a bit in time.
Actually I started drawing Corvette shapes in the late 60ies, of which I got bored, because everybody immediately could identify them. I was looking for something unexpected for onlookers, so I changed to drawing Mustang body shapes soon after and continued through my school time until 1978, almost a decade.  
After my father imported a red 1971 Mustang Mach1 in '71, we seemed to have all the luck, being recognised and admired at school and everywhere we cruised around. Everybody wanted to have a ride with us. Just like the ads and commercials had promised. 
Unfortunately my father died early in 1972 due to cancer and we had to sell the car to a befriended family a block away, but us kids were constantly looking for future replacements to keep  memories alive and were checking any Mustang out in and around our hometown, until we finally got our driving licences.
My brother created in the meantime a mold for Pony emblems by carving a positive into clay and he made a dozen out of tin to be fixed to our future cars. Preserving memories and melting them into an ever-lasting symbol.

These Pony emblems have accompanied my life for all those years and "pulled" a number of Ford and other cars since the mid-70ies. One of the first ones was our "French Mustang", that we owned in the 70ies. 
It was actually the next best thing to a Mustang over here in Europe at that time and I now call it a Mustang continuation car - if not a true one, it was for the memories. And it wasn't the last. Phil Clarks Mustang emblem had a big meaning in our family, so it is quite natural that I support Hollys and her fathers case as long as I am here on this world. And the Pony emblem will be up front on any private car I am going to drive until then.  I've got still 2 left of the series, certainly not for sale and it's pictured on the mainpage of my as well.

Yours truely in a (certainly) Mustang inspired Renaut 17 TL in sports trim. We had the luxury of a perfect comfortable french car mixed with a rallye proven high-revving engine, that made about 110mph and 6500rpm (from memory) and an almost grabber like rallye yellow exterior. It took only minor mind-bending to drive and experience this like a Mustang and the Pony emblem did the rest to make room on the Autobahn.  


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