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Paul Martins Charger Magnum

The 1968 Dodge Charger caught my attention when it was new. A cousin bough one and a local businessman bought a Burgundy R/T. The big impact of the car did not occur until the release of the Movie “Bullitt”. I did not get to see this movie until Feb 1973. From that day forward I had to have a 68 Dodge Charger. 

I became a serious car collector in the 80’s. It seemed by then all the Chargers were hot rodded or painted Orange. I kept searching and struck pay dirt in January 1999 when a local ad had a 62,000 mile car with factory 4 speed.  

The car, originally yellow was now white with a “mock” vinyl top. Other than the repaint ,the car was mostly original with a few mechanical problems: sticking brakes, leaking heater, bad side bearing. The mechanical issues were dealt with right away and I turned the car into a decent driver for the next 8 years. 

I had always stated that I wanted a car just like the “Bullitt” Charger, so in June 2006 a restoration was started that transformed the car into the tripple black sinister bad guy car from the movie. The paint and body work consisted of new quarters and replacing the right front door and rear valance. All the other panels on the car were reusable. There was no rust on any floor pans or trunk area. 

A new interior was installed and the entire driveline was rebuilt. I sourced numerous NOS parts and reproduction parts on ebay. 

It has its factory engine, balanced and blueprinted, rebuilt factory 4 speed and 3.23 Sure-grip differential. Other options include, power windows, console, wood trim sport wheel, tinted glass, head rests and rally dash. I added disc brakes during the restoration. 

The steel wheels and Charger Hub caps are in keeping with the movie car look. The Magnum 500’s and Redlines look better.

Paul has put more research into the tires. Stay tuned.



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