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The Fast & Furious Charger - To each his own and in this case a 1970

This is probably the best known Charger for the new kids in town, but also a reason, why some old muscle car farts went to see the myself:). Actually it is however a 1970 model that VIN Diesel rode. Identifiable by the chrome front end and the "slit" taillights instead of the round ones.

The car is reportedly in the Volo Museum/USA, but has been displayed quite often outside for F&F promo shows..

I am not sure wether this is the real deal, but I saw it at a Tokio Drift (F&F3) promotion show in Finland 2006, so I just guess that it might have been. Otherwise it is a well done clone and still ready to get on his heels. Some of the other movie star cars were on hand as well.

For further information on the car visit the Volo Museum site.



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