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A BULLITT Movie Sequel 2010/11
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January 12th.2011
This message says it all
The scriptwriters of our BULLITT SEQUEL Storybook hit the nail with enthusiasts .. and with Robert Vaughn.

Now Warner Bros. decision makers, it is up to you to skip any already choosen scriptbook and follow the votes of the Enthusiasts and former main actors.

Read the sequels past sections again and stay tuned for part #5 in the next days or few weeks.
January 9th.2011
In Memoriam Peter Yates
"Good lad..." you again.

The news spread very fast about his passing on Sunday in London at the age of 81.

Our sincerest condolences to his family.

More Information from CBC

More information from imbdb

More information from yahoo
January 7th.2011
A new Music Video 
by Derek Miller ...shot in San Francisco in autumn 2010 at well-known Bullitt locations and with a nice co-actress.
Andrew Forgy rented his Bullitt 2008 to the filmteam of Big Soul Productions. Thanks to James L. Kinistino for the information.

Check it out here on youtube 

The making of

January 2nd.2011
A Happy New Year to you all out there.
During the days of family affairs I got a mail from a Mopar and Bullitt Charger maniac and he will be helping us to analyze a few more Charger facts from the movie.
For once we try to solve the paint issue of the Chargers. In this first pic of a series you see that the destroyed Charger indeed was a blue car, that was painted over black, which matches eye wittness Anthony Bologna reports that the car was touched up often with black spray paint. Look at the door lock opening and the 2 major chips. The big dent helps to identify the burning Charger later. 
We will continue with further facts soon.

Welcome back and stay tuned for more about the equipment differences and the tire questions.


December 17th, 2010
David Kunz 1968 replica on the cover of the latest Mustang book from Brad Bowling
With this front cover the book deserves another look, though it is rather generic about Mustangs from 1964-2010.
Bullitt maniacs may not expect any information about the 1968 Bullitt original car from this new compilation or any replica description. 
Anyway I personally feel the book is good for newbies to the hobby to get a first glance of the various Mustang models and has decent pictures in it - a bit more thrilling and personal than in Brad Bowlings previous book - The Standard Catalog of Mustangs 1964-2004. 

The making of that shot: 
"Robert Keryan took that image some years ago for a magazine that didn’t last long called MPH, which was supposed to be a cross between Motor Trend and GQ. We spent a whole day in the older, run-down part of Downtown Los Angeles on a quiet Sunday. He attached a rig to my front suspension which places the camera hovering at about eye level several feet from the front corner of the car. He then had me drive slowly in a circle while he used a remote control for the shutter. The trick is to keep the camera and car together, and by using a slow shutter speed, the background become blurred as if the car is moving very fast." David Kunz

Available from the usual outlets like or others.


December 17th, 2010
We are looking for a Bullitt
for the film teaser "The Pentagon Memo", to be shot in Massachusetts starting on Jan 6th 2011.

For more information about the film and SMASHCAM Productions llc. go to

Any help would be great.

David McDivitt

November 30th, 2010
We have a new Bullitt maniac in our family
Let's welcome Micke Ĺkesson from Sweden with his 67 390 GT. The 7R02S2013XX tagged Bullitt replica sits low and has a proper stance, as we can picture from some of Mickes pictures. An uncommon rim/wheel combo differentiates this one from the other replicas, but it is quite common in Sweden to focus on a bit more performance inside and outside.
The original 390 has been replaced with a 289 HiPo engine and a C4 as of now, but Micke is eager to build a new much better performing engine just now. At least the rear end is already from a Boss 302, so that makes a good starting point for more.

We will add his car and the details soon in our european replica section.
November 28th, 2010
Cool animated Bullitt video with Slot cars

It takes a real Buliltt maniac and a month of work to put this together. Congrats to Emigre for his phantastic job.
Click on the picture to go to Davids youtube trailer.

November 23rd, 2010

..most probably featuring David Kunz and his replica
Thursday 25th. November 2010
November 11th, 2010
of the Jules Verne Tribute event!

Thanks to Anthony Bologna we got the first pics up on the web for all Bullitt Enthusiasts.
right: David Kunz replica of the movie Bullitt and Frank Panaccis Charger replica staged at the Arclight Cinerama this morning at 9 a.m.

The display set up by Anthony Bologna, Frank Panacci, Don Ciucci and Carl Asaro in the lobby with photos, posters, furthermore a jacket etc. nearby.

More pics and stories here 
November 10th, 2010
Approaching the Nov. 11th, quickly.
David Kunz & Frank Panacci with co-driver Anthony Bologna will be in the Cinerama dome staged with their Bullitt replica movie cars.
Mike Farrell will have the pleasure of driving a celebrity to and from the event with the Bullittheads. Our contributors Don Dehart and  Ben Maccabee as well we have our joker Teresa from the UK in the theatre.

Stay tuned for more reporting off the event

November 7th, 2010

Pictures from the event thanks to Mike Farrell and David Kunz

Click here for more pictures
November 6th, 2010
The day before the 30th Anniversary
of Steve McQueens Death on 7th. November 1980 true Bullitt Maniac Frank Wrobel sent us his latest Bullitt tattoo. You may remember him from the below outstanding masterpiece on his arm that we presented quite some time ago already...

Frank Wrobel (his first name probably is not by coincidece the same as Lt. Frank Bullitt) has dedicated his life to Frank Bullitt and collect anything BULLITT...and of course he has a Mustang, otherwise he would not be in our local club. Recently he went the extra mile to have the Bullitt jump tattooed on his skin. It took certainly multiple sessions to satisfy Franks requirements for such kind of artwork. Frank is a very nice fellow, he just has that extra willingness to let Frank Bullitt live longer through himself....
Especially if they are have been used in a cult movie from 1968.
Glen Kalmack is still working on several items for his carshow display that have a relation to the original movie.
The famous San Francisco Chronicle box, where lt. Frank Bullitt used to pick his newspaper from, right at the corner of Clay and Taylor street is such an example. See below his recreation right down to a repro newspaper issue.

The 30th Anniversary Tribute Event for Steve McQueen takes place at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles
Thursday November 11th, at 7pm is the date for any true maniac in 2010 to visit Los Angeles, a few days after the real anniversary on Nov. 7th, when Steve died in 1980 at 3.50 p.m. after a heart attack following his surgery of tumours from his abdomen and collarbone. His last words were "Lo hice - I did it".
Robert Vaughn and a few more genuine Bullitt celebrities will be there to remember scenes of the Bullitt movie and the movie will be of course played in the stunning environment of the Cinerama Dome.

Visit to see the exciting thrilling festival trailer and nice shots out of the movie.

We will have at least 2-3 spies in the event - probably with their cars - to report of any exciting news. Dave Kunz and Frank Panacci with his Charger will be staged at a centerspot of the "Action".

Our reporters Teresa from the UK and Mike will be also at the 7th November Motorparade and follow the inauguration of the Steve McQueen Square



Sunday, November 7,

From 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

On Hollywood Blvd.


Followed by the inauguration of the

Steve McQueen Square


"A great day at Art Center College of Design, where an A-list of car designers have gotten their education over the years. Honored at the 2010 Car Classic was Frank Stephenson, who has had a great career so far designing things like the Ford Escort Cosworth, BMW X-5, MINI Cooper, Ferrari 430 and 599, as well as the cute Fiat 500. He is now the man behind the brand McLaren, responsible for road cars starting with the MP4-12C. The exotic supercar has a carbon fiber central tub and is essentially a McLaren F1 car for the street. The 12C was "unveiled" in the morning with Frank giving a brief description; he later did a more formal presentation inside the school's main auditorium.
Among the other cars on display were several hot rods and customs, including
Gene Winfield's wild Reactor that appeared in TV shows "Bewitched" and "Star Trek." My Mustang was in a corner with some other musclecars including an earlier Mustang fastback and a first-year Pontiac GTO. Unfortunately, we were parked beneath trees, so even when the rain did let up, the leaves kept dripping onto our cars." David Kunz

Here are a couple of web links: 

The Myth around a sequel and the possible storyboard of a Remake 2011
The "Brad Pitt starring in a Bullitt Remake" shaked the Bullitt world years ago and is still good for hairrising discussions amongst maniacs and lovers of the genuine coolness factor of McQueen..
John O. pointed us to mystery things currently going on in the UK with a script of a sequel, where the story of the movie is going on. This storyboard makes pretty much more sense to me than a simple Remake and we are fortunate to have got a first shot of the staged first movie scenes where Frank Bullitt got trapped and shot by a criminal. 
He later recovers, but remains seriously injured just to swear revenge to the gun man. The race is on again. 
Well, in my humble opinion this is really cool stuff we want to see on the screen and a double of McQueen is an easy one with digital editing. We keep you updated on the script and storyboards while they are developing.... 

Update 30th. September:  Read more: BULLITT SEQUEL Part 1
Update 3rd. October:  Read more: BULLITT SEQUEL Part 2
Update 24th. October:  Read more: BULLITT SEQUEL Part 3
When Top Gear calls you and your Bullitt replica to a scene, you are typically very suspicious about how you will get your car back.
No so Michael Theune from Germany. He had a lot of trust in the photographer who visited him in his hometown, when we relayed him the request from Top Gear magazine from Poland.

It turned out they all had a lot of fun during the photosesson with driving sequences and staging for a 30th Anniversary Special about McQueens death in 1980.  Watch out for an oncoming Top Gear mag in Poland. 

September, 5th, 2010
Gastown Bullitts
Those who have ever been in Vancouver, know the amazing place around Gastown. I myself loved to stroll around there during our holidays and I already thought it would be a cool place for a car show. 
Well, it is actually every year. This time a really cool place with the two Bullitt maniacs Glen Kalmack and Paul Martin as a center display:

"Paul and I had just a SUPER day at the show in Gastown,Vancouver B.C.The crowds loved our duo movie car display and were very hungry for info. We got multiple offers for future displays and photo opportunities. We both plan to fine tune our display with more GOODIES as we go.." Glen.

August 26th, 2010
Only together they can go back in history and tell about the true myth of the movie...

... and that is what Paul Martin and Glen Kalmack do at car shows. This is a pic from last Sunday

Photoshow: Steve McQueen Tribute Show August 14th. 
with Barbara McQueen
August 15th, 2010
News about Bullitt stuff flooding my mailbox
Sometimes I wish I had way more time to do all this. This is Hot August and the 30th. Anniversary of Steve McQueens death. 
Frank Panacci was there during the filming as one of the cops and never lost the thrill and special atmosphere from his mind nor his friendship developped with Steve himself. 
Now he has finally succeeded to have his own 2 main movie actors to play with - a 68 Charger and a Bullitt replica.
The ultimate scenario and pride of ownership, a Bullitt maniac can think of, Frank has realized his dreams. Together with his friend - our Bullitt website co-founder - Anthony Bologna they are now ready to take any serious offers for photoshootings in San Francisco. 

THE ULTIMATE BULLITT Pair to own - Frank Panacci Bullitt replicas
Pictures sent in from Anthony Bologna from a last Saturdays car show
More on their outstanding Bullitt display in the next days... Boy I need really more time...:)

Click here for more pictures
News about Arnold Welch Charger Coming soon from Arnold himself
August 1st, 2010
A new Bullitt replica in our brotherhood
Jim Bateman presents his outsstanding replica after a thorough 2 years research and detailing process. 

Click here for more pics  



While 1968 Fastbacks are becoming rare these days, people start to look for hardtops and "bullittize" them. 

Eugenio Giambona lives in San Francisco and could not stand it any longer, so he built his own Bullitt Hardtop.

From my point of view, it has the right stance and coolness factor to play in a movie, probably even more it has the McQueen desired understatement factor built in as a cop car. We will add it to our "What, if.." section later this year, when Eugenio has done his photo tour through the movie locations. Watch out for his car jumping the roads. He may get overwhelmed by the memories.

June 14th
Glen Kalmack had his day at a photo shoot with Michael Bublé. "He's a very popular singer. Nordstroms USA had hired him to do a photo shoot for their line of Hugo Boss clothing. He wanted a Bullitt car real bad, so when it all came together he was real happy. We chatted for a few minutes and he seems to be a real cool guy and really loved my car, so I made him an offer to loan him my car to take his Fiancee' out for a cruise someday.  It was an excellent experience and everybody really liked my car."

Don't know who Michael Bublé is?

June 6th
46 B-stangs at the 
Bullitt Nationals 2010 in CA
David Kunz joined the Bullitt Mustang car show on Saturday at the Chino Hills/ Boys of Republic ground. Chad McQueen made an appearance as well and was interviewed  by a local and french video team.

Davids car parked alongside the motorcycle display


Gateway Classic Mustang produces a series of 30 car after Chad McQueens prototype

Behind the Scenes shots exclusive from Ben Maccabee &  PICTURE CARS 


April 25th, 2010
This ain't no ordinary Bullitt replica
Glen Kalmack had very early decided that he wants to separate his Bullitt replica from the rest of the ones that are around these days. He spent extra time and money to be able to create a better idea about a car show scenario and met with Paul Martin, whose Charger we feature on this Bullitt site as well. They both share the extra passion for the movie to work on their cars and take them even closer to the "real deal". Showgoers may this year already spot their cars in the canadian western corner.
Now look close at this pic and you see the camera fixtures that are close to those on the surviving Bullitt car. Glen had them recently done and fixed to his subframe. He also seeked advice from David Kunz for  the camera used in the movie and might have a replica available this summer. See further updated pics in the Replica section.

The camera framework- recreated by Glen Kalmack on his Bullitt replica. He just works on a McQueen poster stand-up, a photo-shooting and an appearance in a movie.
March 28th, 2010 and April 14th.
We are still following the Charger resto project of Arnold Welch, who claims to have one of the surviving Chargers, while most still have doubt in it.
But anybody as well as Arnold should get a chance to proove his claims one day with the evidence he may have. We'll see it coming at least.

... and last status April 2010 - finally paint makes it different.
March 20th. 2010
Takafumi Ikeda kept us updated about his Tokyo based Bullit replica. His car got recently featured in a japanese car magazine. 
More pics
March 6th. 2010
Back from 4 weeks down under on the road I brought a few snippets of real performance cars with me such as this blown (1967) Bullitt replica  by Nick Batz. 
More about it ..yes, when we find the owner. The garage intended to forward our request.
First pics of the BULLITT movie car

from Brad Bowling/Frank Marranca in Mustang Enthusiast April 2010
Brad interviewed the second owner Frank Marranca and reviewed his archive. 
Check out page 62/63/64 in this online issue!
18th. January 2010
An interesting car show took place last weekend, put on by the Motion Picture and Television Car Club . 

You may also check out Dave Kunz on Hot Rod TV
Fast forward to time frame starting around 5.00 min.

The group from Star Car Central had more than two dozen cars there, including a Batmobile replica and my Bullitt ( ). The show took place on the Studio City CBS lot, famous for many television shows including Gilligan’s Island and more recently, Seinfeld.

Adam Carolla was there recording his online podcast, and we chatted a bit about Bullitt:



10th. January

Mike Farrell sold his low milage 2008 Bullitt Mustang to a car collector... and keeps his 1968 running. 

Well, who is the better car collector?
8th. January 2010
What happened to Arnold Welch and his claimed BULLIT CHARGER survivor?
Arnold updated us about the restoration process of his car of which he thinks is a true movie survivor.

I replaced the roof meanwhile and pulled out the dash to repaint. I installed a new windshield gasket and am steadily working on the body work." Arnold

We hope to see it soon on the show circuits.
Chino Hills/CA was the place to be on June 3rd. - 6th. 2010 for street action and meeting friends and relatives of Steve McQueen. With combined efforts the Friends of Steve McQueen Car show and the Bullitt Nationals organized from members of the team celebrate a national come together-party for all Bullitt owners.

Visit for registering, hotel info etc.. 


now available from Glen Kalmack.
For 30 bucks you can get this white on clear self-adhesive sticker foil printed gunshot decal for your BULLITT Replica detailing. 
It is intended to be used at shows and can be removed without residues after a long show day.
Glen tried and and has done a few more that he wants to share with other Bullitt replica owners. Contact us for putting you in contact with Glen. Limited supply of 2 stickers at this moment available.

Next ... who is going to reproduce those dented fenders and the camera fixtures....?

Happy New Year to you all. Have fun.
Nov.3rd, 2009 and Dec. 15th.

Jules Birley from Pioneer slot car provided us some extra give-aways to make our own BULLITT Maniac contest.
Win a very special silver Bullitt plus more in answering some tough questions chosen by Dave Kunz and Jules Birley. 

Follow this link

1st prize           Daniel Weber/Florida U.S.A 
2nd prize          Dave Lord/UK
3rd prize           Michael Gullery/ California U.S.A.

Congratulations to all of you. Pioneer  shipped out your prizes in early January 2010!

Expired December 10th, 2009. Winner already  anounced . 
No claims taken. Re-read the contest rules carefully.

...comes from Canada and proofs that we don't know each of them yet. 

"I've owned this '68 J Code Mustang Fastback since 1988. When I first purchased it, it was a bucket of bolts in about 8 boxes.  It took me from 1988 until 1995 to complete.  Just about every piece of sheet metal other than the roof has been replaced.  Also, the engine, automatic transmission and 9" rear were replaced by myself along the way.  Most of the interior has been replaced.  It was painted in 1995, and could use another restoration now, as there are some dents and paint scratches, but it adds personality and I think Steve McQueen would approve"
Dave Duivesteyn 
Nov.1st, 2009

After having registered 56 Bullitt replicas (1968) and look-alikes (1967) worldwide, we felt it was time to restructure the BULLITT replica section:
Have a look and let us have your feed-back, additions or corrections. It is not yet finished, but I am working on it.

Also check out Don DeHarts latest video and note the funny first comment underneath the youtube posting

21st October 2009
Mustang Plus 428 powered 
BULLITT Tribute Mustang 
for sale on ebay

We had Michael Gullerys report on this car some time ago on this site. Mustang Monthly features it in its current November 2009 issue and now it is for sale on ebay.

Check out # 120483025478 there. 

Biddings are yet up to 37.600 Dollar and 1 day left only, but of course the reserve is not met with that. Considering that the car is worth much more, it may have to catch at least 70-90grand, I guess.

8th October
As we mentioned before, here is 
Scott Allnutts treasure
which he bought from Don DeHart recently.

"It was thanks to your web site, that I discovered this car. I follow the BULLITT page very closely, & when I realized Don was selling his 67 Bullitt, I drove down to see it. Being an avid Steve McQueen fan, it didn’t take much convincing to make him a serious offer. Within a month later, I flew down & drove it home. Scott  
2nd October
Another Bullitt from Germany

Michael Theune is the proud owner.
We present his car first in our club mag, and will put it up here soon.
25th. Sept.2009
The Pioneer Slot car 
is ready to ship
First pics of the finished serial production thanks to Jules Birley.

Archiving in Process
Making room for new BULLITT News

- Bassam Abdallahs 1968 replica

Race to Witch Mountain movie is out meanwhile. We reported about David Kunz car appearing in this movie long ago in the News pages.
Here is an actual movie "screenshot"
Huge Archive - Don't miss
There is too much to list from the News archive, that is maintained since the mid 90ies. 9 Pages full of interesting BULLITT-Mania are stored for the interested readers including a "How-to-BULLITT" your Mustang story link, interesting leads on eye-witnesses and so on. So just  click here to page through them to have a complete picture of our dedication to the BULLITT theme.

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