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Sept. 10th., 2009
AMERICAR.DE publishes a report on Doug Schramms Charger 2-door

Remember the car we featured here thanks to Doug a while back. We connected him with a very popular US online magazine in Germany and they made a decent article out of it. Check out the pictures at the link on the right.

Sorry for no news in the past month, I had some other issues going on that required more attention. That's life.


Much more details on the building ( but in german )
you may use an online translation service of your own choice.
August 10th., 2009
Once and then, I stumble over something else from Steve McQueen. This past weekend it was the
Ex-Steve Porsche 908/022 #48, driven at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2009 at the Nuerburgring/ Germany. 
The car was in decent shape, as far as I can tell from my non-expert perspective. As written on the display, it is the real deal. The car is owned already since 1974 from August Deutsch. 
The engine is an aircooled 8cyl Boxer with 2997cmm, 300 DIN-HP, Titan rods, double ignition, Bosch injection, 5 gear. 
Frame aluminium, some other parts magnesium, wight only 660kg 
2-seater with open GFK body
Top speed 290km/h 

This car is a mystery car as well, another Porsche 908/022 is based in the US, pieced around some parts of the original car maybe as the reports go. Still August Deutsch won all legal cases against the auctioning of US based far.

July 24th., 2009 
David Kunz Bullitt replica
appears  on this 2010 American 60ies Muscle Car calendar 




"and again in the mags (Motor Trend Sept. 2009 issue in a movie car listing)" 

Get your copy for $13,99 from here
July 6th., 2009 
Doug Schramm's dream of a 2010 2-Door Charger became true.

Back then when we published Dougs vision of a Charger 2-door, many Charger fans sent mails to get more info and finally one client of Doug went the extra mile to have a car like that build for himself.

See more pics in the Charger 2010 section.
July 4th., 2009 
The Next BULLITT 2014?

Early Ponysite Design visions for the next Bullitt Mustang. 
The kinetic design may win, but it's far away from being a COOL design.
The next Bullitt Mustang indeed should be SIMPLE and GREEN. A derivation of the Rogue Milano, that I photoshopped a bit (not my best job though) may indicate what the average Bullitt buyer wants to drive out of his garage in the late evening to cruise around with the beat and chill of the famous movie sound.
June 30th., 2009 

The New Steve McQueen?
His wife Alexandra  and some of his mates are pretty sure that Abel Paniagua would be skilled enough to play McQueen in the BULLITT Remake, that is on it's way through the script books.

Alexandra and Abel  own this 1967 DHG Mustang already for years and there is no doubt they have the right understanding of the movie, its characters and the atmosphere, that made BULLITT so successfull.

We know some script writers and producers check out this site occasionally, so be your own judge and just invite him to perform a first class stunt drive through SFO. I am sure the audience will enjoy - but mostly Abel and Alexandra.

Good luck.

June 26th., 2009 
Jeff Dunn and Douglas Johnson from the Mustang Guys introduce us to their just finished project car - of course a 1968 Bullitt Mustang replica. 

Jeff bought it in 2005 and started work on it, which could be followed on their website for quite a while.
Aside from the different Bullitt rims and a 91 302 (5.0) engine, Jeff Dunn (owner) and his team did a lot of research to match the original car from the movie.

They chose to paint the rear in the same DHG instead of the flat or matte black paint that most maniacs like to see in the stills or screenshots of the movie. Reason enough for them was that they talked to somebody who told them he worked back then on the movie car.

This car starts up another mystery discussion that was rarely touched in the past. The front inner grille pieces.
Typically they are silver painted on the 1968 Mustang on top of the chrome, only the edges are chrome. 
It was speculated recently by Pioneer scale model builder, wether they were painted matte/flat black, as they appear that way in the movie. They decided after thorough research for flat black. 
Now look at this picture down here. Jeff Dunn chose to do them flat black as well (in parallel) being convinced they were flat black, now review your DVD or Blueray to admit they are black or contradict. It's your choice, we like to stay out of those arguments. 

Let's keep those mysteries until the surviving car appears. It just makes it more interesting to study then... if you still can look at some original parts.

Check out THE MUSTANG GUYS website for updates on this car.

The car has been also added in the US replica section from Check out that section for much more details on Jeffs car narrated from Douglas Johnson (Mustang Guys) plus see 25 other US based Bullitt replicas.

June 7th., 2009 
Hagerty loves (to insure) Mustangs and especially the Bullitt from Dave Kunz. 

Everybody knows Hagerty Insurances, even european Mustangers got an impression of their clever marketing when receiving a textile usable handy bag for stuffing parts in it during the 45th at Alabama. Alhtough I typically don't like bags, the Hagerty one now fulfills its purpose in carrying empty bottles back to the store. So it is around. This banner however certainly would get another usage, if we maniacs could get our hands on one. 
David found it by incident at the annual Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance on 6th. of June 2009. 
"At the Hagerty Insurance booth, this gigantic banner was hanging at the back with a photo of my car!
I boasted to the woman working in the booth, “Hey, that’s my car!” She then said, “Oh, you have a car like that one?” to which I replied, “No…that’s MY ACTUAL CAR!!!” 
She told me she gets lots of positive comments on it whenever the booth is set up at an event."

We bet they get not only positive comments, but more customeers, so please Hagerty give us some more banners:)

May 30th., 2009 
Our latest Bullitt maniac!
Jack Sears knows a thing or two how to drive a car. 
Remember his red-striped 1963 427 Holman-Moody Galaxy, that he still owns and drives today - being now 78 years old. Finally he fell in love with this 2001 Bullitt Mustang.

Our contributor Alan Faulkner-Stevens from Dragon Wheels in UK was proud enough to tell us that he sold his 2001 Bullitt to no one less than Jack Sears, who now enjoys the meticulous preserved car and the coolness factor of a DHG car. Rest assured that Jack can go back to Alan every other day and gets the most personal service of a highly skilled Mustang restorer, who specialized in all kinds of Shelbys a long time ago.

May 1st., 2009 
New BULLITT Mustang and Charger 1:32 slot cars from Pioneer soon on sale
We have been following and giving some advice for the renderings and prototyping of these new RTR slot cars since a while and they are soon on the Pioneer website on 19th. May, so the time is right for us Bullitt Enthusiast website to speak out, permitted by Julian Birley from, which was engaged for the engineering and design.
The first model is planned for August 2009, launching with the 1968 BULLITT Ford Mustang – fully licensed with Ford, Warner Bros, and the Steve McQueen Estate. The Mustang will be rapidly followed by the assassin’s black Dodge Charger.

All products available worldwide.

Pre-orders will be taken online directly for roughly 48 Dollars US or 36Euros. Products will be shipped from the factory in China directly to sales hubs like INASLOT in either UK, USA, Australia or Spain. Therefore orders will be processed from the most ‘local’ hub to the buyers address.
Thanks to Jules we got some exclusive early renderings and insight in the detailing, special requirements and making of a slot scale model.

Pictures courtesy NobleHobbies and Pioneer/Julian Birley

Update 19th. May
Website ON now at

Tech spec for scale model slot car enthusiasts:

18k Typhoon FC130 style can motor (side winder config)
12:36 gear set
Position-adjustable magnets
Digital plug ready for Scalextric DPR Easy Fit chip
Compatible with all major brands of sectional plastic track
Traditional guide flag with Quick Change braids
Detailed driver figure (who actually looks like Steve McQueen)

Product supplied in crystal case with custom BULLITT artwork.
Design engineering and planning was a joint Noble-USA & Noble-UK production with CAD data completed in England. 

The actual cut-away rendering reveals the yet secret slot car internals.
May 1st., 2009 (updated June 13t. 2009)
Cars and Guitars 2 at the Henry Ford Display in Dearborn opening 14th. May 2009

David Kunz replica isn't just a replica of the movie car used in Bullitt, but it has had it's own share of "movie history" such as in the Sheryl Crow music video.
We were contacted last year already related to the selection of the cars to be displayed and Dave agreed to let it go once again.

This time it is picked for a replay of the successful Cars and Guitars show together with 19 other cars.

"A crew from Reliable Carriers loaded the car onto their transporter, which already contained Snoop Dogg’s hideous Cadillac Fleetwood and a Lamborghini that I assume is or was owned by some kind of rock star. I know their opening night for Cars and Guitars 2 is May 14th". Dave Kunz

See details of the show  

Picture courtesy Jenni McDowell
April 24th, 2009
Tim U. from London/UK finished his Bullitt replica with the treatment of the rear end.
"I have now made the final modifications so the car detail is now exactly the same as the movie car's"


April 2nd, 2009
Declan finished his 1968 Mustang Bullitt look-alike with an individual touch 

Declan O'Dwyer is one of our long time readers and contributors. Declan got famous for travelling to San Francisco for the unveiling of the 2008 Mustang Bullitt and standing the whole day at the wrong corner to take the first shots based on our information - a true Ponysite Bullitt maniac as we like them to be.
But he is also well-known for sucking the air into his rare Bullitt Mustang with added Shelby scoops in such a beautiful place like in Country Tipperary in Ireland. Irishmen love their fresh air, especially when driving home after a good evening pub visit. 
Many have questioned themselves, how Shelby scoops would look like on a DHG 68 Mustang. Declan wasn't shy to try and testfit them on his car.
We've added him in the european part of our collection as #17.


Would Steve have scoops on his actual ride? We'll never know, but there is a reason for any Mustang maniac, who loves Ireland and its breezy weather and windy roads.
March 31st, 2009
The Street Magazine in Germany published a 6-page article about our most famous topic of interest. Thanks to David Kunz, Anthony Bologna, Scott Ullrich, Rick Delorme and  Imboc-members the pages filled quickly with provided pics including those of the restaged chase scene from 2006 and pics from a photosession for Motortrend with Davids and Scotts car
WB was difficult to deal with asking several hundred of dollars per original movie pic, so author Andy Hajenski turned to the scene insiders to get an insight into the history and status of the movie cars. 
Nice to read for many a beginner and Bullitt movie lover the series will continue with other  movie cars in future issues. 
March 15th, 2009
RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN starring Dwayne Johnson in the theatres in the USA
David reports:
"Just returned from seeing the film, which opened this weekend in the U.S. Not a great movie, but considering that it’s really for kids, not all that bad either.

Sure enough, at the very end, where Dwayne Johnson’s character is now a hero, he and his new girlfriend walk out to the valet stand at the Las Vegas casino and the jump into my car. 
Great shot of him putting it into 1st gear, then the car pulls away (though the sound was dubbed in). One more shot of it along a road, which looked artificially sped up."

See also our earlier 2008 announcement

March 10th, 2009
The Incredible Bullitt Coupback
Would you believe the car pictured below and the one on the right are the same car?

It took Bastian from Germany almost 2 years of getting this one finished working with a solid, but badly damaged body shell of a 67 Hardtop. His first idea was to build an Eleanor, but during the dismantling he saw our famous movie icon and his vision of what it should be turned around into this DHG beauty. The craftmanship of what he calls his CoupBack is excellent and we are going to present you a few steps of the restoration in our replica section soon. More here in the Bullitt replica section
March 8th, 2009
THE URBAN CARVER - Bullitt Style
An Audi quattro commercial pays tribute to the Bullitt chase scene

It's funny to see that even Audi adopted the idea of the BULLITT jumps through SFO for their latest well-done commercial talking about the new Quattro feeling, carving the tar in the most difficult areas (even where McQueen failed initially to cut the corner).
They were working with the experts in the genre to make the scenes realistic again..

Kemper Trautman was the agency that put everything together and filmed on 20th. October last year this spot.
You might be able to navigate to the high-res movie clip, which is only 45 seconds. But you can find the Making of it as well on the related youtoube or sites.

March 6th, 2009
Michael Manning 
known to us as the organiser of the annual McQueen Festival, will meet Barbara McQueen this week. Check out his blog for some update and a few good archived stories and interviews around McQueen himself.

Check out his blog

Picture courtesy Michael Manning/Marshall Terril

Feb 8th, 2009
We welcome Bill Beller from California with his 1968 DHG BULLITT Clone
"This is an original 1968 Deluxe Highland Green 302 4V 4-speed, built in San Jose CA and exported to Canada. I purchased it in 2000 from my boss, whom had brought it back to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

A few words about the upgrades: It is a 450 HP 392 CI small block with a Tremec 5 speed, Ccurrie 9 inch w/ 3.55 gears. The exterior was repainted to 2008 Bullitt Highland by Cooks Collision of California. This car gets a lot of thumps-up everywhere it goes. It's been a big hit a Hot August Nights in Reno and won peoples choice at the local car show."
Bill Beller
More pics now in the US Replica section.
Feb 7th, 2009
For a special BULLITT article we supported in a german car magazine called STREET MAGAZINE, written by Andy Hajenski, we got decent new shots of Davids replica from the man himself.
We also provided some shots of the restaged 2006 CHASE between David Kunz replica and Scott Ullrichs Charger.

There will be more shots in the article provided by Rick Delorme.. of this restaged chase of both our friends with their BULLITT replicas. 

WB offers in fact turned out to be too expensive for providing original shots in the early beginning... 

Feb 1st, 2009
According to two new movie productions about McQueens life are on their way. 
Jan.23rd, 2009
Rob Phillips is CEO of Advanced Racing Technologies, but also a Husquarna motorbike collector. He pointed us to his latest find, a Steve McQueen bike sold originally to Solar Productions.
Jan.18th, 2009
Michael Peckham will have the right choice of a Bullitt maniac, when opening his garage door.
This week he parked his new acquired 1968 Fastback GT with a 302 next to his 2008 Mustang Bullitt, while snow was still around outside.

This nice 68, which is 95% complete according to Michael impatiently awaits the dry weeks of March/April 2009 for a nice Bullitt ride.
Michel plans minor mods and as usual we'll follow them in the future to finally include summer period pics in the US replica collection.
Congratulations Michael.



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