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The "EDGY" Bullitt Future
The New Edge design was born years ago in Fords european based - now merging - design center and is now spreading throughout the Ford fleet of Mondeo, Kuga, oncoming World-Focus, A-Max and projected Capri. With the current fuel prices of 8 dollar a gallon in Europe and around 4dollar a gallon in the US, it is likely that together with the new EcoNetic approach, the 2012 Mustang Bullitt image perception might "suffer". 

In order to survive Mean might become Lean and Keen, which are quite common management rules teached today. 

Bold certainly is not anymore the feasable Marketing Message for the oncoming years, it needs to get back to the Personalization strategy that was relaunched already and worked perfectly with the Mustang in 1964. 

Frank Bullitt was the best known Individual
And Individuality is what counts today even more. 
Not being one of 6500, 7500 or whatever, it's the new personalized Bullitt Mustang that will win.

30th. August

You are looking for confirmation of the rumours out there on the web since 29th August for a new BULLITT replica?

Well it's true and then again not really... a bit different than what one may think after this partial information, but that was a part of no.4 of the oncoming news, we announced below on 17th. August. 
Unfortunately I am still sworn to secrecy with that serious project that we followed with deep interest and tightlipped for quite a while.   

We got promises to get some exclusive insight for Ponysite soon, at least for the more exciting  part of this project by mid October latest. Might be some have spotted the car by then already, but embargos need to be kept. Seeing it from the other side this time, it pretty much makes sense.  

Stay tuned.


Stay tuned. Waiting for permission to publish more.

17th. August 2008
Almost tired of looking for new BULLITT stuff here and not being updated on a regular base?

O.k, we are giving everybody a hard time, but to find unexpected and rather exciting information about new Bullitt projects these days, has become more difficult, however it will work out in the end to be patient:

1 A movie project: 
Race to Witch  Mountain starring Davids replica

2 Just McQueen related - but still interesting - the first Remake of one of his famous movies will be Papillon in 2009. 

3 More insight in the SFO filming back then in 1968 from the SFO Chronicle coming soon thanks to Anthony Bologna

4 Plus more really exciting news 

"I did not want to reveal it earlier but I don't think it's a secret anymore that there is a Bullitt replica in the movie; actually my Bullitt will be an integral part of the plot of "Race to Witch Mountain" starring Dwayne Johnson (nee The Rock),scheduled to debut in March of 2009.

It spent one day in Las Vegas, then one day on a soundstage at Walt Disney studios in Burbank.
I think it is o.k. to say that his character in the film fantasizes about owning the "car from Bullitt" and that eventually his fantasy comes true."  David Kunz

July 2008
Will he be the next Lt. Bullitt 
in the Remake?

Eric W. Krelle, previous owner of a BULLITT replica did an actor comparison for us a long time ago. I just stumbled over it again and since Ewan recently mentioned that he will be doing another film next year, we can start to speculate again about him being Lt. Bullitt II. 
Eric choose a few posings of Ewan that are almost identical to gestures and movie scenes of McQueen.
We will put pictures next to each other for you to judge. For sure Ewan has another image, but many did not expect initially the latest Bond actor to fill the position of Connery and he did.
More here

22nd. June
Alan Clark almost finished
his Bullitt

"I have new Torq Thrust D's along with new rubber and as well now have a Lecarra Mark4 GT leather wrapped steering wheel, 3 spoke.It may not quite be the same as Steve's car in 1968, however, it is very nice to drive and it looks awesome.I also put a new cam in the J- Code 302 with a higher lift and duration ,and as well, a Magnaflow Stainless Exhaust system and X pipe that now gives it a well tuned throaty rumble.Along with a Wieand intake and 3:50 rear gears, this car really turns heads.It is a blast to drive this car."
Greetings from Novia Scotia


14th.  June
The Friends of 
Steve McQueen Car Show 

" I took my Bullitt to an interesting car show today, held on the grounds of Boys Republic in Chino, California. (Reform school where Steve McQueen went as a youngster.) It was put on by a local Porsche club, but it was well attended by many Mustangs, Bullitts and Shelbys, as well as other cars and bikes. Chad McQueen and Matt Stone made guest appearances, which really pleased the crowd."
Dave Kunz

4th.  June
Vito Piarulli with his Bullitt replica appears in the 
June issue of an italian car mag called American Wheels

Click on the pic on right for more info and if you are a true Bullitt maniac, you should order the June issue in time, before its' gone. The article will feature as well both the 68 history and the new 2008 Bullitt.

Craig Rowell from Alaska 
is one of those who lives and breathes Bullitt style. He send us a new gallery of pics 5 years after his initial contact to update his section in our US/Canada registry. 

Thanks for updating, Craig. Here is the direct link

EUROMAN magazine
  - finally in my mailbox

Back then we arranged a photoshooting together with Greg Autrys support and Rafael Gomez in San Francisco for a photographer. The article finally appeared in the April issue of a lifestyle magazine. Here is one of the double pages that show McQueen style cool fashion from several brands. The mag is finally on the way to you Rafael! Sorry for delay.

With the availability of the 68 Body by Dynacorn it did not took long, until sb. plans a project of a "B68"-continuation series, whatever that might be about. For sure the car will get no dents, but be as close as original with a bit more power under the throttle! 

We have got words of wisdom about such a project and will keep you updated as soon as we have more.


FYI, Davids car was videotaped for Hot Rod TV airing this Saturday (19th.April) on Speed TV. Not sure of the time schedule, but I think it airs in the morning and some repetitions later.


From their web page (though they misspelled 'Bullitt'!).
 Hollywood Muscle

When the subject is Hollywood and muscle cars it's all about Eleanor, the Bullet Mustang, General Lee, and Bandit, to name just a few. On this episode of Hot Rod TV find out why the Muscle car is still the star of the silver screen.


Dave Tedesco's coming out
After years of restoration with support of David Kunz this nice numbers matching 68 GT 390 has joined the BULLITT Replica Owners Group here on Ponysite. 
Let's welcome Dave first.

A few more lines and more pics soon in the related US section.

Thanks to Dave & Dave  for sharing the information

B8 meets Meilenwerk
Season opening took place last weekend (6.April 08) at the Meilenwerk Duesseldorf, a meanwhile popular gathering place for classic cars. After Berlin and Duesseldorf , Frankfurt will be the next location for this very popular concept of "old factory conversion" into a lively classic car showroom putting dealers, storage facilities, service and memorabilia shops under one roof.
An unexpected guest was this new B'8 entering the holy halls for a short visit. It is on sale by one of the restoration shops. For further info about the concept, that will certainly be spread around the world soon, visit if you have enough money to sponsor such a place near your hometown. Would be a nice idea for a Mustang Only hot spot somewhere.


3 Mustangs in Highland green, dark moss green and a Charger in the same colour scheme opposite our booth at the Techno Classica 2008 (27.-30.March), what else does a BULLITT Maniac need.

We've set up a scenario that inspires memories and a COOL Factor for everybody with a passion for McQueens Solar Production movie from 1968. Thanks to for their loan of a 2008 Bullitt and a short ride in it for yours truely..


Vaughan Belchers 68 replica from Austin/Texas

Vaughan Belcher is the proud owner of this one-of-one 68 GT390. Why one-of-one?

Read more here


15th. March in Detroit

LA Times article, where Dan Neil wrote a nice article. Anyway worth to read.




These days owners of 08 and 67/68 Bullitt Movie car replicas get special attention and if you have a name in Hollywood, you get even more attention. So does Ben (Mac) Maccabee.

His BULLITT Tango couple - a 67 that we featuered already and his 08 #232 delivered by the famous Galpin Ford dealership - will appear soon in Motortend, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine, but - allow me to point out as usual -  you see them here first on

"They are going to do a 1/4 mile accelaration testing at the auto club raceway at California Speedway in Fontana.
Also took delivery on a 2007 Shelby GT 500.  
Btw I'm in a movie with Michael Madsen and Faye Dunaway (known from The Thomas crown affair with Steve McQueen)."

The shooting seems to be really fun for a car nut like him. And coolness is a factor both in the fashion and car world.

Go to  for a sneak preview.

With the Bullitt couple he beats Herschel down here, so it's time for pushing the pedal, guys..


Ben must be sorry, that he can't do the 1/4 mile run right here and in both cars at the same time,
but being a good citizen he just likes to pretend he could, enough for the neighbours to get out and ask for a ride.

Herschel Ritzman
will be the second to show up on our site as an owner of a couple of a 2008 and a Movie replica. He just does not have the time to take the pics. Driving is more fun obviously.

Some info about his classic (67) Bullitt replica has been added to the US replica site

One for the show, one to go.

Anthony Bologna 
likes a good joke once and then. When he meets new kids on the block with his own 1967 Mustang GTA.
"What is wrong with my BULLITT replica?" he used to ask them.
Seeing the question marks in the kids faces, he is quick to point out the auto transmission and the GTA version is not correct.
Do you think the question marks were gone after that short talk?

Actually we never featured Anthonys pride, so here we go. One picture is enough for this week, but during the relaunch of the main pages, we will give it more room.

Whatever you think, it pays off at the end to have a decent car rather than just a green one. With the right sunglasses and a bit of phantasy, you can create your own imagination of a BULLITT ride, even in a red 68 Mustang.
Anthony can.
"Actually I do get to wear the kool McQueen sunglasses and have a go on Taylor Street before I stop by my Parents house for dinner!"

If not a BULLITT Replica, it could be easily a CAR WASH movie Mustang replica. 
A red one with white stripes appeared in that movie. 

More pics here (The main pages are currently restored, so bear with me)

Don Dehart finally brought his BULLITT replica home. After a longterm restoration, it went into the garage next to the Ford Hot Rod - a nice couple that Steve McQueen would have enjoyed as well today.

Want to Sneak into his McQueen/Fonda garage?

The Le Mans jacket at the wardrobe waiting for Don to dress up for a cool ride.

Here we go

Update2009: Don sold his Bullitt replica meanwhile to Scott Allnutt

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