The McQueen Tribute Event 11/11/2010

 An event organised by  to honour Steve McQueen

© Anthony Bologna, David Kunz, Mike Farrell, Frank Panacci, Don Dehart, Teresa Peaock, Wolfgang Kohrn 2010


November 11th,2010

Pictures thanks to Anthony Bologna, Mike Farrell and Don Dehart 

Display in the Cinerama Dome set up by Anthony Bologna, Frank Pannacci, Don Ciucci and Carl Asaro

David Kunz had to leave early soon after the staging for his day job, but returned at on the 11th.

First event pictures from 9.00 a.m.

One of the appreciated characteristics/attitudes of the Bullitt group is to link people that have the same interest .. to make new friends or exchange newsbits about the movie, their own cars or any history related stuff. 
Designed as a bring and share party for mutual benefit, the group has enjoyed just this again at the Cinerama dome and worldwide with insight. 

The 68 Bullitt replica family welcomed Teresa Peacock as a hopefully soon new Bullitt replica owner (?) and organized a trip around the McQueen tribute event. Thus our social network worked perfectly. Whereever you go, make sure you contact us in advance to organize a sightseeing trip to remember with our members. 

Anthony Bologna's report  about the staging of the "Event replicas" and event from Anthony Bologna 

Road Trip to Hollywood California

We hitched the trailer and the tires hit the road at 11:00 pm for an 8-hour adventure to Hollywood California.  4 guys who had grown up in San Francisco and who had been around during the time Bullitt was filmed.

We arrived around 7:00 am on West Sunset Blvd for a well-deserved breakfast.  We were waiting for instructions of where to drop the car off. At 9:00 am we were able to park in front of the Arch Light Theater, where we were met by Marie Bonde the event planner.

 The trailer door was unlocked like a time capsule bringing the journey of the past into the present. The 68 Charger was inside and ready to rock!

After a few taps of the starter, fired up the big 440 cubic in. engine.  You could hear the sound resonating in the trailer.  You could feel the deep sound and roar of the engine and smell the old time fumes of the past, as it brought back many memories.

As the black beauty rolled down the ramp, pedestrians and the traffic almost came to a standstill.  Onlookers couldn’t pull out their cell phones quick enough to capture the beauty of the charger as it was backing down the ramp.  Commute traffic couldn’t believe what they were seeing as they whizzed by the orange safety cone and me in the street trying to protect and direct the driver.


Once the Charger hit the pavement she roared as if she wanted to stretch out and take a quick spin around the block, but owner Frank Panacci kept it cool.


Dave Kunz had his Bullitt Mustang in place first with Charger next to like old times as they reacquainted themselves.

After a few well-deserved hours of sleep, we arrived back at the Arch Light Theater to set up the display case.  Between Frank and I we had many personalized artifacts including autographed photos, the Bullitt script, lobby cards, San Francisco newspaper articles and many other items.

It took Frank, Don, Carl, and myself fixing, moving, and pinning to make it an eye-catching display. The display was so popular that at times the crowd was 3 to 4 people deep trying to catch a glimpse of the items on display.

Jacqueline Bisset surrounded by fan's and media


The French version of Entertainment Tonight was covering the 30th Anniversary event.  Just before Jacqueline Bissett arrived the host was about to interview Frank Panacci when the rumbling of the Bullitt Club cars echoed in front of the red carpet.

 Autography my pamphlet by Don Gordon

The air was filled with tension and excitement, as we realized we were about to witness history again some 30 years later.  As the last guests arrive when they were finally escorted to their seats the interviews began. 


We heard stories from the stars about life on the set of Bullitt and of other movies they had been in with Steve McQueen.  This was the time we were able to take  pictures from our front row seats.

Ms. Bissett fondly recalled her time on the set by telling her story about learning how to drive a stick shift car on the hills of the streets of San Francisco and being proud that the car didn’t roll backwards. Steve McQueen had told her before the scene was filmed that he was not comfortable sitting in the passenger seat with a “chick” that couldn’t drive, especially a stick shift.  She proved him wrong.

Jaqueline Bisset.....Surrounded by fan's and news's media on the Red Carpet
Don Gordon and George Standford Brown

The interviews continued with Ms. Bissett, Robert Vaughn, Don Gordon and many more.  The movie was shown on the big screen, the theater was full and filled with high energy.

As soon as the evening started it came to a close.  Wonderful memories from the past, new memories from the event, which will be cherished by Bullitt enthusiasts


The trailer.....Frank,Carl and Don took a photo break on Sunset Blvd
Unloading...Carl slowly brings the Charger down the ramp,as traffic was stopped at the light for a minute,since we were blocking a commute lane.
Charger on sidewalk....Security guided Frank onto the side walk to the display lobby.
Both cars in place....The staging area of Archlight Theater Lobby
Inside charger..A Mafia hit man at his best with his overcoat to hide the Winchester Pump with shotgun shells ready to load
Mustang headlight and Charger in background...Ready for a Chase
Display next to Charger tire....Personalized photo's and autograph's to Officer Frank Panacci Sr. from Steve McQueen.He was on the set for the filming of "Bullitt"
Bullitt Night 022 ..Left to Right: Frank,Don and Dave answering questions by the display
Group on stage....Robert Vaughn,Jacqueline Bisset,Host,Don Gordon,George Standford Brown,Pat Renella,William A Fraker and Lalo Schifrin.
Left to right: Anthony Bologna ,Pat Renella(Johnny Ross), Frank Panacci

Mike Farrell's story about driving Jaqueline Bisset:

"I was given the pleasure of driving Jacqueline Bisset, and a male friend of hers to the event in my 68.  Arriving at her home at 5:20 pm, I waited for Miss Bisset to step out her front door.  When she did, I think she was a bit surprised upon seeing the car.  Her first response was, "That's the Bullitt, I was wondering what was making that loud noise." 


After getting Miss Bisset buckled up in the front passenger seat, and her friend settled in the back, we proceeded down Benedict Canyon towards Sunset Blvd.  Even though the traffic was heavy, I was able to drop Miss Bisset off in front of the red carpet at the Cinerama Dome right at 6:00 pm as the first celebrity appearence  Very Cool!" 

An interesting video "aired" by PS Photo Video on youtube



The mystery shot: A Bullitt with a mystery driver appears as a mirror image driving along the Walk of Fame. Was it him or just Mike? Steve MikeQueen?
Teresa Peacock (Visitor from UK)

It worked well for Teresa from the UK on her first trip to L.A. out of a mood and interest in Steve McQueens life and move. Mike Farrell from L.A. was kind enough to guide her around and make her trip memorable with a hosting program and ride in his Bullitt at the Motorparade and before and after the Tribute event itself.
Teresa sent us a good story link about her adventure to Bullitt-Land.

Check it out at from E.J. Stephens

WELL, where does one start – ..with Mike to take me on the parade, AWESOME, that was the ride of my life, I have done some crazy and wonderful things in my life – but the Mustang must be the best – it sang to me, it purred at me and it has done everything a ’68 Mustang should do – and the driver – outstanding  - so charming, very kind to this crazy English woman.

I must admit I was not prepared for any of this – I’ll know what to do if there’s a next time, like take more notice and shove people out of my way, instead of the other way round!

I did take pictures inside the Cinerama dome but they are not very good. Chad thanked the Bullitt fans for the parade and taking special guests to the dome, I do have a picture of Robert Vaughn and Don Gordon. 

Don spoke about Steve McQueen and said ‘I’ve only loved one man in my life and that was McQueen and I still miss him very much’.

Now that bought a lump to my throat, for an 84 year old to say that. The McQueen’s thanked the audience and for the parade. Then to watch Bullitt in HD on this big screen was amazing. " Teresa Peacock

Don Dehart (BULLITT "diehard" collector and replica owner)

Don has enjoyed the event to the max and extended his personal Bullitt memorabilia collection with lots of items and photos with all present celebrities.
Link to his picture show on youtube


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