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Glen Kalmack  wanted a non-ordinary
Glen is proud of his Bullitt replica - shown here in 2008 in Deep Cove/British Columbia  - and wants to walk the extra mile to get it perfect including the blacked out rear panel.

"I finished it at the end of Aug.08. I have spent considerable time in the details of my car inside and out, and so far have not seen a better car than mine. I still have a few more details to do and I will put a 390 engine in. I get considerable attention whenever I drive the car."

Glen added a good hint for noise reduction for those that like to hear still the whistles of nature despite the roar of the exhaust tune.

"I had a lot of rear cabin noise in my car. So I took apart the whole rear interior and put PROFORM sound mat # PF365 -10 pieces per pack-30mm X 30mm (12 X 12 ) - about 3cm thick(1/8")- black with a self adhesive back. I put this from the middle of the seats all the way to the back. Then on the wheel-wells and the trunk side walls. Also on the trunk side of the trap door. You'll use about 2 to 2-1/2 boxes. 

Then I put a layer of very dense 1/2"carpet underlayment foam on the back section of the rear deck area-wheel wells-upper rear vent areas. On the trunk side of trap door and inside of rear 1/4 panels I used spray contact cement. And finally on the rear 1/4 area and above the wheel wells and up to the door jambs, I put 2"thick X 12" X 24"black acoustical foam and custom cut and filled in. It was a lot of work but lessened the noise by about 80-85% and for me well worth the effort.

After a car show season in 2009 and listening to the response from car show visitors, I ve decided to put in a FE390 engine and a T5 manual transmission. Also I just finished a power steering conversion to a modern Saginaw style of system. It was quite a long challenge to get all the components to work safely and properly, but it was well worth the effort. The car handles just beautifully!

Update 2010:
Glen Kalmack had very early informed us  that he wants to separate his Bullitt replica from the rest of the ones that are around these days. He spent extra time and money to be able to create a better idea about a car show scenario and met with Paul Martin, whose Charger we feature on this Bullitt site as well. They both share the extra passion for the movie to work on their cars and take them even closer to the "real deal". Showgoers may this year (2010) already spot their cars in the canadian western corner.

Now look close at these pics and you see the camera fixtures that are close to those on the surviving Bullitt car. Glen had them recently done and fixed to his subframe. He also got a hint from David Kunz for the camera used on the car in the movie (most probably an Arriflex 35mm)   and might have a used one or housing available this summer. 

Glen also created a gunshot decal that is available for 20 US Dollar from him. It can be just taken on for shows and off afterwards without any residues left on the windscreen, he says. Check our News 2009 for a picture.




Late 2010 through early 2011 Glen worked on his recreation and detailing of the famous postbox, where Lt. Frank Bullitt picked his newspaper:

Photoshooting with Michael Bublé
"He's a very popular singer. Nordstroms USA had hired him to do a photo shoot for their line of Hugo Boss clothing. He wanted a Bullitt car real bad, so when it all came together he was real happy. We chatted for a few minutes and he seems to be a real cool guy and really loved my car, so I made him an offer to loan him my car to take his Fiancee' out for a cruise someday.  It was an excellent experience and everybody really liked my car."

Glen Kalmack with Michael Buble during a photoshooting. Pictures ended up in the August 2010 Vanity Fair magazine.

Glen is very active up north in Canada
Here is him with Paul Martin at an August 2010 car show 



After an initial attempt to recreate the camera fixtures and presenting it in SFO at the 45th Bullitt Anniversary (June 2013), Glen is engaged to do it all over again. Working together with David Redhead he will present his car with some new features in 2015. The generator is still in the trunk and the cable routing duct as well. Stay tuned.

As of October 2016
Glen added a few features more.

Using blueish LED bulbs he enhanced the typically dull lighting of the instruments. A modification that triggers me to do the same being tired after 24 years of looking at those odd looking instruments at night, when they could look much better and help you understand your car. O.k, it is a mod over the Bullitt car, but worth for a brighter grin visible for spectaturos during the night.

The 390 engine has undergone major detailing and looks great in the car by now.

Plus the interior got the final touches here and there.

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