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Imagination Beyond Another Dimension
  by Anthony Bologna

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San Francisco, 
a sunny day
, July 22nd, 2006
  With a key that unlocks the door to imagination and beyond, it’s another dimension, a dimension of sight, a dimension of sound, a dimension of mind. You are moving through a land of shadow and substance, of things and ideas. Guiding you through the wonderous journey is the hypnotic world of the Twilight Zone. (1)
It was a sunny afternoon of July 22, 2006, Mark Myers finds himself putting on a Steve McQueen brown tweed sport coat, with a blue turtleneck and a pair dessert boots. He headed towards the Highland Green  Mustang that was parked and waiting for him at the Serramonte Ford Dealership parking lot. A pair of amber sunglasses were sitting on the dashboard waiting to be placed on the face of the look alike, Steve McQueen.
A very trusting soul tossed a set of keys his way as he caught them on the fly. With sweaty palms, he put the key into the ignition, and with a snap, the 390 came to life. He placed the glasses on his face, released the clutch and took off with a screeching roar.

Mark Myers in Ben Maccabee's Bullitt replica

The crowd came out of no where to see what all the noise and excitement was all about. The street was abuzz with the smell of raw gas and sounds of the gears shifting and tires chirping. He flew by the crowd like an F18 fighter jet on a secret mission.
As headed up the boulevard, the crowd gasped wondering who this masked man was. Little did they know that the man they were waiting for had taken a short detour into the Twilight Zone.
Back at the car, the look alike Steve McQueen (aka Mark Myers) found out that the Green Highland Mustang had a mind of its own, as if it were possessed by the spirit of Frank Bullitt. The car took him were no other man had gone before!!!.


Twilight Zone Jingle comes in right about now!!!!!! Sing it out loud……. (de, di, de, di, de, di, de, di)
So what do you think happened? Well, let me tell you! The crowd was waiting, the videos were rolling, the cameras were focusing, while the 1968 Highland Green Mustang had taken control on a journey of almost no return. Tell us more????
A search party was sent out in a 2006 Hertz Shelby Mustang. Driver Wade Koch, (riding shotgun) Ben Maccabee and (photographer) Anthony Bologna, drove up and down the streets of Colma/Daly City, California looking for the Highland Green 1968 Mustang and its hostage, the look alike, Steve McQueen (aka Mark Myers). The search party returned empty handed and puzzled, so was the owner of the Mustang (Ben Maccabee) who was scratching his head, chewing on his stubby cigar a bit harder, but staying calm and trying to keep his cool.
Back at the car, the Mustang was on its way back to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, in hopes of rocketing down Taylor Street in pursuit of the Charger one more time as it did over 38 years ago. The look alike had to fight with all of his might, as the spirit of Frank Bullitt was fighting to keep it’s course with destiny………A white flash came into view that blinded Mark Myers, as if to release him from this unexpected force.
Off in the distance you could hear the faint sound of the secondaries coming on . The crowd roared with anticipation.
As the sound kept getting louder and louder, quick fingers clicked the shutters of cameras and snapped a picture of the Highland Green Mustang (see photo) with it’s hostage released to the present. Zooming back to reality, Mark Myers was on a rare flight. He was back in the future safe and sound!!!!!
For all you Bullitt fans, no one was injured and the car was not damaged or scratched on this journey. The only thing that was worn thin was the nerves of the owner of the (o.k.-1967) Highland Green Mustang, Ben Maccabee.





Scratching his head, chewing on his stubby cigar a bit harder, but staying calm and trying to keep his cool.

 I wish to thank the following cast of characters that made this all possible…………
Mark Myers……………….Frank Bullitt
Wade Koch……………… Himself
Anthony Bologna……...Himself
Ben Maccabee………….Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected with nerves of steel!!!!!
Steve McQueen……… Alive in Spirit
68 (well 67)Highland Green Mustang..Real Cool Car to Drive
06 Hertz Shelby……….Great Driving Experience
The Crowd …….……..2006 Bullitt Nationals at the Serramonte Ford Dealership in Colma, California

1) Courtesy given to Rod Sterling Twilight Zone Production

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