1971 Shelby Europe Fastback in Sweden
© Wolfgang Kohrn -  July 31st, 2003,
last updated on August 28th.2010

Thanks to the Swedish Shelby Registry we got notice of this rare Shelby Europe fastback


Picture courtesy Roland Palmqvist/SWE

This is the swedish Shelby Europe Fastback VIN 1F02H202547 belonging to Rune Boholm in Lidingö/Sweden registered by the Swedish Shelby Registry.

Roland Palmqvist, a friend of Rune was so kind as to send us a picture of the car while it was transported for some rust repair - back then in 2003. The current engine is a 351 cui/2V cleveland with a C6 automatic behind. The manifold has been changed as well to a 1973 4V cast iron variety.

Rune and Roland are both engaged in the restoration of this car since early 2000.


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