Shelby Europe 1971 Fastback
Last known owner Felix C.V. Bastiaanse

© Wolfgang Kohrn - September, 15th, 2005, last updated April 2018

VIN 1F02M17993X belonging to C.V. Bastiaanse 

Pictures coming some day



C.V. Bastiaanse  would like to have his originally red 1971 Shelby Europa back. It was originally built in Dearborn and sent to Bob Ford, a dealer in Detroit. 
Bob Ford was the Ford dealer, where belgian Shelby-Dealer Claude Dubois ordered all of his Shelby Europa. Claude had a licence agreement with Shelby. 

9 Shelby Europa were built with only 2 convertibles known to exist.

This car was delivered to Yvonne Laurent in November 1970. It most probably was owned next by the Vlaeminck family as we learned in March 2018 through a Facebook story and in the TMCN club magazine. How it went to Felix Bastiaanse is not yet clear. Franky Vlaeminck reported that someone bought it from his fathers in the 7oies after knocking on the door each month for quite a period.

"My car was stolen on 15.October 1987 at a garage in Montfort/Netherlands, when waiting for a service.
The car hasn't been seen around since then. I hope somebody calls me one day to let me know that it has been found.

Anybody who has a trace of my car is appreciated to contact Wolfgang via this website."
Felix (C.V.) Bastiaanse

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