1971 Shelby Europe Fastback in the Netherlands
© Wolfgang Kohrn -  June 15th, 2003, last updated September 10th, 201

Thanks to Edwin van Beurden/NL we got also detailed information on this rare Shelby Europe fastback


This is one of the Shelby Europe Fastbacks currently located in the Netherlands and which was used a long time as a daily driver. Due to privacy reasons, we are not publishing the full owners name here.

Edwin van Beurden - the owner of the other dutch Shelby Europe recalls: "The VIN is 1F02M202548. He restored his Shelby Europe about 12 years ago (about 1991) and his car was in the same bad condition as mine.

In the beginning he used it as a car to drive to meetings and he even did some drag-racing with it in England (UK).

For the last few years that car was parked in a parking lot in front of his house and he uses it as a daily driver. 
He did'nt restore the car to original condition, he added some Magnum 500 style wheels, he threw the fog lights away because he thought the previous owner had put them on and the Ram Air and Power windows are missing."

As of 2014 finally the owner TVH contacted us himself and is about to do minor restoration work again. We linked him up with the other owners to gain more insight into details.
We hope to see it soon on the road again.

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