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A WT7105 color 1968 Rainbow Special Mustang & a Branded Special 

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There were three drillholes on both c-sides where the old branded emblems had been (that's now covered by the new vinyl)

The owner and paint shop tried to match the outside paint job with the original color they found on the door jambs, inside the trunk and elsewhere.
We have not yet identified the color's promotional name of WT7105, which is a more brownish green, but at least with Kevin Martis help a Ditzler reference no. 43827 and with help from John Klein and his www.mustangattitude.com webpage another WT7105 colored car..

According to the Marti report it was delivered to Downtown Motors in Sacramento/CA
It was ordered with:
C-4 Cruise-O-matic
Electric Clock
White Sidewall Tires
Deluxe Steering Wheel
Power Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Tilt-Away-Steering Wheel
Air Conditioner
AM Radio
Tinted glass
Deluxe Belts
Remote Control LH Mirror
Deluxe Wheel covers
Special color WT7105
(The color promo name is not mentioned in Martis files)

Never heard about the Branded Special?
It is a dealer installed option package.
Read my friend SAM's 68 Special page






1968 Branded Special in a WT7105 Rainbow Special color
Once and then we stumble over a truely rare find.

Robbie Tromp from the Netherlands owns this1968 Rainbow & Branded Special Mustang and we found it at the 45th. TMCN Mustang gathering in Zwolle (June 13th/14th 2009).

The real size emblem is going to replace the current replica emblems

The car soon after its import to the Netherlands. I had to brighten it up a bit, so don't be fooled by the color shade visible in this picture

Powered by a 302cui engine, the special hardtop features a white vinyl top and a very unique emblem on the rear roof pillars - the Branded Special Mustang emblem. 

Robbie tells us:

"The car is definitely a Branded Special reported from its previous owners, but the original white vinyl top (paisley cut) has been replaced meanwhile, the mouldings had been replaced, the stripings and the emblems on both sides on the car are replicas, not originals yet, but I was fortunate to get a real size emblem, so next year the replicated emblems will be replaced by new ones in original size and of course bronze/black.

The branded emblems were silver/black or bronze/black, depending on the exterior colour of the car. The car is real special to me."

Robbie guesses that the car was turned later at the same dealer into this Branded Special, since it was build on the 16th. February, but not sold before August 1968 from the dealers lot, just before the 69 models arrived. 

Originally it was ordered and delivered with a "brownish green" Ford colour called WT7105 and it is still painted that way in the interior, trunk and door jams. 

Robbie was convinced by received earlier "Insider" information that this was a St.Patrick Days Special and painted the outside trying to match the original colour after taking it apart in 2006. It had been imported in that year to the Netherlands. Today he is convinced through our common web-research that this car is indeed a Rainbow Special in the rare WT7105 (called for now OLIVE GREEN) color. With the find of another car in the same color, research is going on for the original Ford promo name. 

Little is known about the history. Only that it was 20 years under a soft cloth stored away, before it was exported from the US.

Actually Patricks Hardtop is one of 225 painted in a special colour with the interior in Nugget Gold. His car 8R01J142752 got build the same day as #140918 (same DSO 72-1194) on the 16th. of February 1968 and together with a number of other special color Mustangs that were later identfied as Rainbow Specials.

At this moment we are trying to sort out more details and history of this car with Robbies and John Klein (www.mustangattitude.com) help. Wether it is a Rainbow of Colours Special or just an individual Special order paint...we will try harder to confirm.

This is the original color - picture taken after import and before disassembly.

The Golden Nugget Interior 

The color field is indeed left blank like on most special colour Mustangs. There were 5063 1968 cars with a missing colour code, it seems color choice was a real nightmare for Mustang buyers back then. As WT705 indicates a sort of US military brown-green (John Klein calls it olive green in his portfolio), we wonder what the background really was for the ordering dealer.

Clearly visible from this angle only - the golden new side stripe, the originals were in place, before it was disassembled. 

Fords code WT 7105 indicates a brownish - green (olive) special colour. 

Actually the Colour of the Month 1968 Mustangs were:
January - Black Hills Gold, February - Passionate Pink, March - Eastertime Coral and April - Emerald Green. The last one has a different formula for 67 convertibles (MX) and 68, but not WT7105. Read more information about the Rainbow Specials on John Kleins webpage linked above.

 Author: Rob Tromp/Wolfgang Kohrn

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