1967 Holman Moody Hardtop Racer Tribute
© Cory Ellwyn, Wolfgang Kohrn - 2015, Last updated on April 22nd, 2015


Cory Ellwyn is not an unknown amongst the Mustang maniacs. His gold on black 68 Mustang 427 caught the eyes of many a web or show visitor, he restored a number of important cars and he is always ON for interesting new projects. His latest is a 1967 Holman Moody Hardtop Racer tribute car with that serious personal touch, that makes his cars outstanding.

The engine is a 1967 289 that is now 306 CID, it features forged pistons with a compression just under 10:1.
Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam shaft, roller lifters and roller rockers allow smooth inside operation. The 1.90 and 1.60 valves good aspiration.
A Boss 302 windage tray keeps oil were it belongs in corners.
Edelbrock F-4B intake and a Holley 750 cfm carb with holley electric pump and Aviaid road race oil pan and correct R-model valve covers for the icing on the top and bottom in this case.

More specs:
Full length coated headers.
Holman Moody air cleaner and H/M remote oil filter housing
Ignition system is MSD
Aluminum 3 core rad with shroud.
Clutch is 11" Mcleod street and strip
Transmission is a wide ratio top-loader with Hurst shifter..Lakewood scattershield
Rear end is a nine inch shortened to 65/66  length,3.73 gears and a traction lock.
Rear brakes are 10x2 1/2 with finned drums
Rear springs are 5 leaf from Cobra Automotive
Adjustable under ride traction bars.
Front suspension is standard mustang stuff.

Upper a-arms are lowered a inch

Lower a-arms are boxed with better bushings

Strut rods use a heim joint pivot, not bushings

Sway bar is a 15/16  with poly bushings

Springs are one inch lower rated at 625lbs

Spindles are 1970 big bearing ones

Single piston calipers

Steering is quick ratio manual

Interior is original stuff with correct heater delete and radio delete (original 67 Ford stuff)

Floor is highly modified to mount the mufflers (race tech) under the seats.

Frame connectors and four point roll bar.

Rear bulk head and package tray are welded in sheet metal..

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