1967 HM roll-cage Mustang Notchback GT-1 class

© Dave Redman, Wolfgang Kohrn - September 28th, 2013

All pictures provided by David Redman

The History as related by the current owner:

"Unfortunately it is not a 67 Shelby T/A car. It actually wasn't built into a race car until 1979, by a guy named Martin Adams in Charlotte, NC. He bought the car in 1974, drove it through school, and had autocrossed it a bit. Then he decided he really wanted to race, so he flared the fenders, and had Holman Moody install a roll cage, and raced it in GT-1 from 1980 to 83 or so.

It wasn't a real trick car (friends Calvin and Joyce Sanders raced against this car, Calvin described it as an almost stock Mustang with a cage, flares and big wheels and tires added). He didn't race it a lot and wasn't hugely successful, but he was just involved at the SCCA Club Racing level.

By 1985-86, he had stopped racing and pulled the drivetrain, and was actually going to scrap the body (even though it wasn't in bad shape).
Danny Rockett (Hickory NC) found out, and ended up buying it. Danny then added a few more bars, did a bunch of things out of the Boss 302 Chassis Manual (including the reinforcement in the base of the shock towers, modifying the front crossmenber to lock in the lower control arm pivot points and Lincoln 4-piston front disc brakes. He also redid the flares (they are actually steel, not professionally done but not bad at all for a guy working on it himself). Danny painted it yellow/red in the Terlingua scheme, and autocrossed it from 1986-91. 

He later sold it to Andy Killian, and I bought it from him last year. I wanted something to get back into autocross and open track events (and maybe driving schools at some point), but I also wanted an old car that had some sort of history. This car really fit the bill, as it was in great condition, really just needed to have a drivetrain put back in and re-engineer the brakes. along with a few minor upgrades and repairs. I even got the SCCA logbook with it.

Since I purchased it, I have installed a mildly built hydraulic 289 (from buddy Tony Groff's old 65 Mustang), along with my Holman Moody stash (HiRise intake/valve covers/steel oil pan), blowproof bellhousing, Toploader 4 spd, 15x8-1/2 and 15x10 American 200S wheels, Koni double adjustable shocks, 10x2-1/2" rear drums, R-Model seat and R-Model gas tank, among other things (a lot of these parts I've had for 15 to 22 years).

The engine out of Tony Grouffs 65 Mustang now installed in Dave Redmans former GT-1 racer.

Still have to do some work towards properly mounting the Lincoln 4 piston front calipers and installing shoulder harnesses, but the car is actually ready to try and start (need to roll it outside and set a fire watch- HAHA). Maybe it will make some noise this week. I'm hoping to hit at least one autocross before the end of the year 2013 as a shakedown."

Dave Redman

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