1966 Shelby Group 2 Mustang #12
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1966 Notchback #12 at its first race at the Continental Devide Raceway in Sept. 1966. It won immediately 1st place. Driver John McComb.

Gary Spraggins - one of the previous owners - gave us a personal insight: 
John MComb was the National Champion 1967 with points combined with the 67 car. I have a couple stories that were told to me by John and Terry Doty (mechanic for John).

John had talked about his first race in the car at CDR. His first
race he was getting used to the car and learning how to drive it. He was running behind Ron Gable, but could not get around him, each time he came into turn, he could not shift down to first to come out of the corner. Finally two laps to go ...he came into the corner and got it in first gear and
just drove around him going on to win the race.

A funny story Terry told me was, when they were at a race and Shelby's 18 wheeler would be there to supply parts for the racers. Well.. someone needed an engine and they were told that they did not have any engines available. At some time Terry needed an engine and went over to the Shelby's 18 wheeler and then went back to pit were the car was, a few minutes later here came a fork lift bring a new motor over to McCombs car....I guess it caused a little stir with the other racers that Terry got a chuckle out of it.

My exciting experiences with the car of course was finding the car and not knowing exactly what it was other than being told it was a factory built race car driven by John McComb and Brad Brooker. At the time nobody knew anything about these cars. I sent a letter to SAAC describing the car along with serial number.. and to my surprise it was a Shelby built car and they had just found the paperwork and serial numbers of the 16 group 2 cars built for Trans AM series. It was my dream come true, the needle in the haystack.

The fun part has been finding the original drivers, race history of the car and restoring the car back to as raced when John raced the car. Also most exciting was meeting John and Terry for the first time at Pueblo Colorado In 2002. Reuniting John and Terry with the 66 car after 25 years.

Pueblo 2002, Gary Spraggins meets John McComb and Terry Doty 

Note: The following SAAC record was used by David Randall in their selling ad early 2010. We quote it briefly for referencing:

Car work order # 12 Originally built for Ken Miles who was killed testing a J-Car at Riverside before he could drive it. Invoiced 8/24/66 to Turner Ford (Wichita, KS). 

Purchased by John McComb (MO). Finished 1st in SCCA Midwest Division ’66. 
Raced at Pan American Trans-Am, Green Valley, TX 9/10/66 (1st); Riverside Trans-Am 9/18/66 (4th); Continental Divide SCCA National ’66 (1st); St. Jovite Canada ’66 (2nd). Invited to ’66 ARRC at Riverside (DNF). 

Featured on cover of Sports Car Graphic 12/66. Finished 1st Midwest Division ’67 (points combined with those won with ’67 Car #10). Raced at Daytona 300 Trans-Am 2/3/67 (DNF); 24-Hours of Daytona 2/4/67 (DNF); Polar GP, Green Valley, TX 3/67 (2nd); Green Valley Trans-AM 4/16/67 (17th); Mid-Ohio Trans-Am 6/11/67 (11th) 

Pictured in ’67 Motor Trend World Automotive Yearbook (pgs 146-147); pictured in Sports Car Graphic 6/67. Purchased by Keith Thomas (MO) 6/67. Finished 2nd in SCCA A/Sedan Midwest Division ’67 (behind John McComb in ’67 Car #10). Independence, KS SCCA National 6/67 (2nd); Lake Afton, Wichita, KS SCCA National 8/67 (2nd); Continental Divide Raceway Trans-Am 9/67 (DNF); Mid-America SCCA National, Wentzville, MO 10/67 (2nd); War Bonnet Park, New Manford, OK SCCA National 10/67 (2nd). 

Invited to ’67 ARRC at Daytona (finished 5th but upgraded when 4th place car failed tech). Finished 3rd A/Sedan Midwest Division for ’68. 

Lake Garnett KS SCCA National 7/68 (2nd); Lake Afton, Wichita, KS SCCA National 8/16/68 (1st). Set A/Sedan lap record and tied A/Production Corvette of Don Yenko for 2nd fastest lap ever run at Lake Afton. 

Finished 3rd Midwest Division ’69. Cotton Carnival GP (1st); Salina, KS SCCA National (1st); Kansas City, City GP SCCA National (2nd); St. Louis Mid-America Raceway GP SCCA National (2nd); Lake Garnet, KS SCCA Nationals (2nd); Ponca City, OK GP SCCA Nationals (2nd); War Bonnet Park, OK SCCA Nationals 91st). Invited to ’69 ARRC at Daytona (DNF). Lone Star GP, Texas International speedway, College Station, TX SCCA National (1st); Ponca City GP, OK, SCCA National (2nd). 

Raced limited schedule from ’71-’73. 

Purchased by Melvin Hammontree ’73. 

Purchased by Max Anderson ’78. 

SA Notchback #12 as found in 1984

Purchased by Gary Spraggins (Kingwood, TX) ’86. Restored to ’66 specifications

On sale by Randalls Restorations (2010)

Owned by Gary Spraggins as of 2011.

Change of ownership March 2012

"I have purchased the #12 Car from Gary Spraggins as of March of 2012. I have  arranged a national tour to show the car bring the importance of the early Trans-Am races to the general public.On our first showing, we were awarded Best of Class in the “ Vintage American Muscle” category at the Festivals of Speed in St. Petersburg Florida.  It was a great win considering that Sox and Martin cars,  Richard Petty’s blue “big wing” Hemi and other noteworthy cars were present."

Rick Davis

On sale for January 2013 through Mecum in Kissimmee. Sold for 400.000 Dollar!

Courtesy Mecum Auctions

On display at the Simeone Museum as of November, 18th, 2017

  On sale by Legendary Motor Cars as of September 2018
Completely restored - see the many pics on their site.
  Again on sale by Legendary Motor Cars in July 2021
Again completeley restored ? - this time on Facebook

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