Fernando Sterling Mustang 1965 notchback racer
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The History of the Fernando Sterling mexican racer
 1965 Mustang notchback built in Mexico

 Mexico VIN:  AF07EG20717

Owner History:

Fernando Sterling:  Mexico - Raced from 1967 to 1973-74 as #91, 61 and 100

Guillermo Guevara:  Mexico - 1974 Bought and sold quickly ( not raced )

Mauricio Maya:  Mexico - 1974 to mid 1980s. Raced as #55. Prepared by Rafael Villazon with a few fiberglass panels replacing sheet metal.  Front fenders showed  “Servicio Villazon”.

Ricardo Frutos:  Mexico  -  Mid 1980s to 1990 Painted gray with orange & green trim

Marco Barba and Dr. Carlos Preciado:  Mexico

Mark Gillett:  Texas, USA - 1997

Mike Kincaid:  Maryland, USA (Current owner) - Restored and vintage raced

Fernando Sterling purchased the car in 1966. The Notchback was his primary means of transportation before turning it into a race car in late 1966.

In 1970 Mr. Sterling installed a full roll cage and as many Shelby parts as he could afford. The rare even-spaced export brace was already on this Mexican built Mustang when he  took possession of it. The Shelby parts along with a modest  Motorcraft  sponsorship from Ford Motor Company made a big difference in the car’s performance.

Mike Kincaid spotted a “For Sale” ad listed by Mark Gillet in Hemmings Motor News and 3 months later took possession of the Mustang.    The car remained in his equipment shed for the next 13 years before Mike sent the car to Conover Racing & Restoration in Hanover, Pennsylvania . Conover replaced the roll cage and brought the body shell back to “as raced” in Mexico by Sterling. 

Fifteen months after starting the restoration Kincaid took the car to a VRG Drivers’ school where he unceremoniously exploded the engine on the last session of the last day of the school. With the help of friends and fellow racers, Kincaid had a replacement engine within 3 months and was on the way to his first race in the Mustang at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

As of 2015, Mike Kincaid’s 1965 Mustang Notchback, is actively being raced with SVRA and VRG vintage race groups.

Race appearances as far as we know them today:


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