1968 X-Code Fastback
1 of only 189

© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on March, 28th., 2003


Pictures W.Kohrn
w. permission from Roy from American Horse Power/NL

VIN 8R02X154826 
1 of 189 68 Fastback Mustangs with an X-code 390/2V engine

Roy from American Horse Power/NL heard of  this car in 2003 in Oklahoma, while being with a friend at a small restaurant sitting at the bar. They both were talking about Mustangs, while his neighbour suddenly interrupted and asked them about their interest, soon mentioning a Mustang in a barn nearby. Too good to be true these years, but small talk continued and the guy left a telephone number to Roys friend with a telephone number. Soon after they were calling the other guy - a banker - and it appeared, yes there was a Mustang in a barn 80 miles away. Why not have a look at it, as it might be for sale. 
Roy and his friend jumped into their car and went the extra mile to have a look. Entering the barn they were confronted with a true nice Thunderbird. Oh, no that is not a Mustang. 

Sure, the owner said the Mustang is over there in a dark corner. What a mess in the dark, thought Roy, but then walked over to put a finger on the 1" dust, rubbing it away. Jeez, a really good white glossy paint turned up. Roy was alerted and walked around, then found the X-code in the VIN. No way, Roy never heard of an X-code, must be wrong car, wrong engine. But the banker went off to pick up a book to confirm the owners statement of an all original car.
Soon it turned up, yes X-code engines - a 390/2V premium fuel big block was indeed built into the 68 Mustang (733 to be exact acc. to Kevin Marti's Book Mustang by the Numbers, 189 Fastbacks only)
Words went on and the owner intended to start it, no tune with the dead battery. 
Another battery was  pulled from an outside car and installed, engine turned, nothing, just ticking. Bad luck?

Another few trials, then suddenly it awoke and Roy was paralized by the smooth engine running with a deep burble. 
To shorten the story, Roy bought the car on the spot to pick it up next day and drive it 1650 miles to Houston without any trouble, then shipping it over to the Netherlands. Proud owner of an X-car, that turned out to be even more rare with a Wimbledon White/Nugget Gold ext./int. combination. (1 of only 38 acc. to the mentioned book).


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