Velocity Makes a Difference
© Jan Scheppers, Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on November 1st, 2002


Modern 2002 Mustang vs. Charger Revenge

Jan Scheppers and his Drag Team must have read a thing or two about the Flying Dutchman.
Then one day once in their past they must have been bored watching out in the far distance spotting nothing but endless highways and airstrips, then it came to their mind, that it would be nice to have a look beyond that straight line in their homeland in a much quicker time than going by the traditional dutch bike. Well Dutchmen are famous for taking things right away into their hands and not allowing any further hesitation - be it in mind or engines. A hot bullet needs 'RRReal Velocity' to reach the other end.
Well - could be a long story, but it finally lead to this 68 (true)blue-silver Mustang, a modern rifle gun. After a very successful campaign for its Blaupunkt ponsor some years ago, Jan bought this car in 2001, but finally felt that a true enemy is missing. Remembering the famous Mustang/Charger chase, the choice for another bullet was quite obvious. Now working on his Charger, a modern revenge race in 2002 is on his plans.

O.K. now to the facts: Jan likes RRRs and puts us straight on this one: "The 'Stang is completely handbuild/modified and made of an original piece, now campaigned as a Super Gas and show car. The ChargeRRR is a fully street legal nitrous injected 855hp BB Super Street car.
We run the Velocity Racing Team and are fully active in Super Gas Drag Racing with a year round schedule. See us at Santa Pod, Hockhenheim or any other european Drag strip. Our tour schedule is visible at"

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