Mustangs in Turkey

© by Iso Schwager/Wolfgang Kohrn

Thanks to Iso from Switzerland and Sedat from Turkey

Driving a Mustang in Turkey is an adventure and like being alone with your horse out in the Death Valley. No parts shop within a phone call, so you need to walk and think that extra mile, how to get your favourite Pony back on the road. Turkish Mustangs need to have a stronger heart than others, so reliability counts. Therefore it is no wonder that there are still some around and some present even a slight genious sense of possible modifications like the - let's call it "Black Hawk" - front fender ornamental tubes shown on the left on the black 73 Fastback.

Most US cars have been left in Turkey by US G.I.s, but aside from that there are some cars that made their own way to the area around Antalya or Istanbul. Spare parts are extremely expensive due to high import tax and therefore improvisation is a routine job for most US car drivers.

Typically missing emblems are cast with plumb and polished, a very popular resto job. Especially the South Turkey, where this yard is located near Kemer has a very humid climate, making repairs on the air conditioning an absolute must. Any stuff is good enough to get the device running again.

The red 69 Mach 1 VIN tells us that this car was originally equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet, although currently a 302 is built in. The car belongs to Sedlats friend. There is quite a US car scene around this area with 50ies and 60ies variety cruising together in harmony. The beautiful beaches and crystal clear water might be another reason for this and are worth a holiday or two to spend.

Story thanks to Iso Schwager/Switzerland. Iso spent his honeymoon there and never misses an opportunity to check out local spots of interest.

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