Independent Warren Tope T/A Boss 302
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Above pictures of the 70ies season (raced cars no. 31 and Boss 302 no. 70) courtesy Larry Barnes, a friend of Warren during his race period. Larry is pictured with Warren in the first picture. 

Picture Jim Harris

Picture Jim Harris

Picture Jim Harris

Picture Jim Harris
All above pictures Jim Harris at Coronado Island races 2002

Picture courtesy Jim Harris at Coronado Island races 2003

The car - then owned by Clintock -  was featured in Mustangs and Fords in the February 2007 issue. In 2008 it changed hands to Drew Alcazar from Russo and Steele.

The History of Warren Topes T/A Boss 302
Warren Topes father was working as a Vice President for Ford's Powertrain group as Jim Alfaro tells us. The Tope family thus had very good access to everything Ford did for racing as well as to Kar Kraft parts, especially the racing transmission parts that got famous  with their codes C7AX.  
Another thing that Warren's father later did was the Australian Cleveland blocks. Roger Penske, Holman and Moony, Woods Brother and Tope Racing were the investors in producing the blocks.  Blocks were also sold to Bud Moore and Gapp and Roush and misc. people.  The first three were CNC machined for Pensky at Savickous Machining in Detroit.

Warren himself entered a Mustang and a BOSS 302 in various 1970 T/A races.
These are the records of 1970, as they are recorded in the book of Dave Friedman "The Pony Car Wars 1966-1972".
- T/A race no. 4 in Mid-Ohio June 7th., finished in pos. 17
- T/A race no. 6 in Donnybrooke,  July 5th, did not finish. (pos. 12)
- T/A race no. 7 with a BOSS 302 at Elkart Lake, finishing in Pos. 12.
- T/A race no. 8 St. Jovite, finishing pos. 9
- T/A race no. 9 Watkins Glen, did not finish (pos. 25)

Larry Barnes, a friend of Warren from 1970 tells us:
"Back in 1970 we made Warren a member of our Northstar Mustang club out of Mpls, Mn.. I met Warren at Donnybrook raceway for the first time in Sept of 1970. We really did'nt get to know Warren very much before his death. We were all stunned at the news then."

A former independent Warren Tope Trans Am racer. No. 70 from 1969  is still vintage raced today and currently owned by Drew Alcazar (2010).

Jim Harris tells us: "I saw this car at the Coronado Island races. I was interested in the car since it was a 69 and it's configuration was very close to the "factory" cars. It was numbered as 70 with Warren Tope's name. It looked very nice and yes, he was running a mini-plenum. Warren Tope raced this independent T/A-Mustang back in 1969 before he got his hands on the other 1970 T/A Mustang."
Bob Frey adds: "My buddy Vic Brown had bought that car and a '70 Boss (over 10 years ago) that was privately campaigned by Dan Fury. The Tope car did have almost everything that the factory cars had as they (Topes) were close friends of the Ford family as well as employees. I think it was an M-code 4-speed car as most of the factory T/A cars were. Tope's car may have even been made a couple of weeks prior to the other cars production wise.

Vic Brown researched the car(s) big time and was more interested in getting the '69 car back together due to its history. He planned to do some SVRA racing himself. Vic had nunerous conversations with the Tope family, Ed Ludtke and a host of others that are connected with the car and who have restored TA cars. The amount of different pieces on a TA car than on a stock car are amazing (and expensive). This car is one of the most original bodied cars that maybe out there. Many of the cars running have been banged, bruised, mangled and near dead and brought back again. This car has not been throught that abuse. Vic had painted the car and he and his father performed most of the work on it until he sold it. Family priorities changed and he chose to let the cars go to finance the changes. I understand that the engine compartment now has the spackle paint, as when it was sold, it was all factory black,just as when Warren first raced it. I believe that the spackling was added on to match the rest of the Ford machines on the track. Although the engine was fresh as can be, I understand that John McClintock had it torn down to let his own engine guy look at it and adjust it as he may see fit."

Picture courtesy Jim Harris/Coronado Island races 2003

Picture courtesy Bo Bell from Russo and Steele/Drew Alcazar driving/Coronado Island 2008

Warren's Big Body Racer at Lime Rock 1973
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

The 73 model at Daytona. A nice view of the engine and the colour scheme
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Warren Tope later raced another 73 Mustang, which is owned today by Gus Tarrab. 

This is the car, after it arrived at Bill Maiers shop end of 1972. 
Picture thanks to Jim and his brothers, who were part of the Maier's team

Gus Tarrab, current owner tells us something about his T/A racer
" I own Warren Tope's 1973 T/A Mustang (some folks call it a 1971 but the paper work shows it left Ford at the end of 1972). 
Warren Tope ran the car in both SCCA and IMSA. I know that he was at Lime Rock in 1974. He was at Daytona, Road America as well. Then after Warren's fatal crash the car was bought and raced by Bill Maier in the Trans Am."

Warren's Big Body Racer at Lime Rock 1973
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Warren's Big Body Racer at Lime Rock 1973
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

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