T/A Race Tracks
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Picture courtesy Raynald Belanger, photoshopped by W.Kohrn

Picture courtesy Raynald Belanger
The 1970 Sport Illustre mag shows a scene from the St. Jovite T/A race

Special thanks to Raynald for sending in the article of a french canadian mag called Sports Illustre from 1970, special thanks to Ford Media for the pictures of St. Jovite.

Le Circuit Mt. Tremblant/St. Jovite
Le Circuit Mt. Tremblant better known as St. Jovite in Canada is located close to the Lac Moore and near Mt. Tremblant and the city of St. Jovite. This race track drawing from 1970 gives you a little insight into the interesting track highlights.
The pits and main spectators area is close to the Lac Moore visible in the upper half of the picture. A little bit lower to the left is the Pont Champion Bridge. Left of this bridge was the Camping area.
A little bit to the right and you'll see the Pont Labatt bridge.

Picture courtesy Ford Media
Picture courtesy Ford Media - Parnelli Jones and George Follmer 1969 at St. Jovite in Canada
Picture courtesy Ford Media
#16 at St. Jovite 1969

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