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Sears Point is another place for diehard TransAm enthusiasts to visit. Officially called Sears Point International Raceway is a 2.55 mile, 12 road course and a 1/4 mile drag strip located a bit north of San Francisco, California, on Sonoma Road between Vallejo and Novato. It was opened in 1968, later closed and reopened in 1973.

Thanks to G.A. we get a look of the race staging and into the garages.
At the first Historic Trans-Am class at the Wine Country Classic several Mustangs and a few other Javelins, Challenger and Camaros started in Group 9 (1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars). The Mustang racers like Jamey Mazotta, John McClintock and Craig Conley finally decided that Scott Rubin might get the winners shot for this time to avoid and disharmony in their Mustang friendships. A very wise decision from smart speed guys.....

The results of the five lap qualifying race:
  • 1. Scott Rubin (Richmond, 1971 Javelin);
  • 2. Ken Epsman (Saratoga, 1970 Challenger);
  • 3. Jamey Mazzotta (Newport Coast, 1970 Mustang);
  • 4. Dan Walters (San Bernardino, 1970 Camaro);
  • 5. John McClintock (Olympia, Wash., 1969 Mustang).

Pictures from May 2003.

Picture courtsy G.A.
Staging for the historic T/A race - Jamey Mazotta with his #16 car

C.Conleys T/A racer
Craig Conleys T/A racer

Vic Edelbrocks #16 ex-Follmer car

Forrest Straights ex-Danny Moore #57 Boss 302

John McClintock's 69 racer #70

#15 former Parnelli Jones 70 T/A Mustang

All pictures G.A. taken during the 2003 event

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