T/A Race Tracks
© David M. Bauer, Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on December 29th, 2002


All Pictures W.Kohrn taken during SAAC-25

Lime Rock/CT Race Track
Lime Rock is a very nice and thrilling race track nestled into the greenery of west Connecticut. The way to Lime Rock is already worth a cruise in a Cobra, Shelby or Mustang and when you hear the unleashed high revving Boss 302 T/A, GT40, Cobra or Shelby and Mustang engines from the distance causing good vibrations in your stomache and a higher pulse of your hear, then you know you are pretty close to one of the favourite race tracks of this group.
Unfortunately today there are a lot of restrictions in usage of this race track, anyway it is worth a trip for any scheduled event. Detailed track information following soon

Picture courtesy David M. Bauer
Lime Rock in 1969
Picture courtesy David M. Bauer

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