T/A Race Tracks
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Catching up the Cobra field  of the last race just for a warm-up, an easy exercise for a T/A-Mustang

Wait and see the "Pace cars" leaving the track. O.k. the antenna prooves us wrong about the T/A-Mustang.

Ex-Warren Tope Racer owned today by John McClintock

Ross Myers #16 T/A-Boss 302 staged

Carl Stein's Shelby Mustang #91

All Pictures except race track map thanks to Michael Gullery 

Monterey/Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca has been in the glory days... and still is ...one of the highlight events in T/A racing. Back in 1969 Parnelli Jones and George Follmer were leading the herd of high-revving V8-power and vintage racers of today enjoy the same thrill every year at the modernized racetrack. 
Thanks to Mike Gullery we got a few more pics of the Trans-Am Mustangs that joined forces at the 2003 event.

Picture most probably Dave Friedman - Laguna Seca 1970

Laguna Seca racetrack - a thrilling circle track with a good variety of left and right turns
Picture courtesy Hans Joerg Angele

112073 Shelby car #2 finally out for the real racing 

Harry Lippetz owns this No. 15 - safe in the Ford 100 display 

Ross Myers likes his T/A-Boss 302 #16 in running condition

Gary Goeringer owns this ex-Bill Maier #22 1968 Mustang

Ex-Danny Moore racer #57 owned by Forrest Straight 

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