Independent Ed Hinchcliff T/A Boss 302
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Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Ed Hinchcliffs car after he sold it. Shown at the 1972 Molsen Trans Am at Sanair in Canada. Roger Pierce owned and raced it at this time.
Picture courtesy Yves St-Jain

All pictures above and on right Wolfgang Kohrn 
at SAAC-25/Lime Rock

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The famous former independent Ed Hinchcliff TransAm racer. No. 41 is still raced today and owned by Terry Bookheimer.

When Trans-American Sedan Championship begun in 1966, virtually every car in the series was privately prepared and entered.
By the 1970 season, factory cars had become so prevalent and their resources so vast that few private cars remained. But when factory money became scarce in 1971, private entrants again filled the grid.

One was Ford Engineer Ed Hinchcliff who, using his own resources and some Ford connections, built a well-executed contemporary Trans-Am Mustang Boss 302 on his own time and in his own shop outside Detroit. The car looked good and acquitted itself well on the track. After Trans-Am duty, it was sold and later campaigned in regional SCCA events.
It was discovered in a field in upstate New York in the 1980ís and has been restored to itís original, as-raced in 1971 condition.

History of 1970 Mustang - Body in white - SCCA brass tag # 72-AS-11
Thanks to owner Terry Bookheimer of R/T-Racing and Steve Francis, who took care of the car for several years.

Ed Hinchcliff, a Ford Motor Company Engineer that had access to many of the trick parts developed by Kar Kraft Engineering, built this car. Ed finished the car in time to compete in two 1970 Trans Am races. He raced the car through the 71 T/A season finishing mid-pack most of the time and also a few T/A events in 1972 before selling the car to Roger Pierce of Syracuse, NY. Pierce competed in one T/A and various regional SCCA events for about 3 years. The car was then stripped and dumped in a body shop storage yard where it sat until 1980. The car was advertised in Hemmings Motor News for sale. Terry Bookheimer spotted the ad. After three difficult trips to Syracuse, Terry and Ross Myers purchased the car and brought it back to Pennsylvania for an extensive restoration. A short time later the original full floater rear axle assembly was located and purchased.

1970 Trans Am. Ed Hinchcliff, #41:
  • Road America- finished 17th
  • Watkins Glen- DNF, 30th place
1971 Trans Am. Ed Hinchcliff, #41:
  • Lime Rock- qualified 17th DNF, 20th place, engine
  • Bryar- finished 12th
  • Mid-Ohio- qualified 16th DNF-crash-rain, 33rd place
  • Brainerd- qualified 15th finished 23rd
  • Road America- qualified 11th DNF 28th place.
  • St Jovite- finished 8th
  • Watkins Glen- finished 10th
  • MIS- DNF 29th place
  • Riverside- finished 7th place
1972 Trans Am. Ed Hinchcliff, #41:
  • Lime Rock- finished 11th (#81)
  • Bryar- Qualified 15th finished 17th .
  • Mid Ohio- finished 10th place
  • Donnbrooke- finished 19th
  • Watkins Glen- qualified 16th finished 16th

Lime Rock Park 1972

1972 Carl Pierce, new owner/driver:
  • Sanair Intíl Trans Am- qualified 18th finished 12th
  • Raced in variety of SCCA regional events for the next 3 years.
Currently vintage raced by R/T Racing

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