Independent Dick Guldstrand T/A Mustang
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Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab
Dick Guldstrand (background with white/red Boss 302 at Riverside 1970
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Picture courtesy ???
Ak Miller at Pikes Peak 1971
Picture courtesy (sorry, don't remember)

Picture courtesy ????
Ak Miller
Picture courtesy (sorry, don't remember)

The History of Dick Guldstrand T/A Boss 302 and Ak Millers 1971 Pikes Peak racer

This car was built by the famous Hot Rodder and racer Ak Miller with the Collegiate Racing Team.

AK Miller's car was run at Bonneville Speed Trials with both a Boss 302 (in D/Production) and with a 351 Cleveland (C/Production). They set records in both classes. This was before its entry into Trans Am racing.

Dick Guldstrand drove this car in the 1970 Riverside TransAm race. As you can see in this picture he did not finish. He parked his car at the fence while Follmer passes him and walked obviously away.
Still there seems to be an odeur of success around this driver as you can "feel" in this following picture:

Picture thanks to Steve Francis

David Smith: "Ak brought the car to my grand mothers house, when it was taken to Riverside for racing. I was very young, both me and my brother got to ride in it. Very scary indeed. There are some things from your childhood you never forget and that was one of them."

In 1971 Ak Miller appeared with this car at the Pikes Peak race in 1971 and won it with 14.18min.

The story continues on the AK MILLER site. 

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