Independent Dean Gregson T/A Mustang
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Dean Gregson raced this Mach 1 as a Boss 302 labelled T/A Mustang back then under #28

The Gregson car as displayed in 1993

Most pictures courtesy Steve Francis
Paddock pictures Hank Fornier/Dean Gregson














Dean Gregson raced a 68 notchback as well.
Nick de Vitis is the current owner. If you are interested in it, check it out in the 1967/68 section of this site.

The History of Dean Gregson T/A Mustang Mach 1
by Steve Francis

Bob Tasca always had a word to say in performance and so did his employees. Dean Gregson was the performance manager at Tasca Ford in Rhode Island.
The car presented itself and raced as a BOSS 302 with the door number #28, but it was in fact a Mach 1 to start with. 
The following is what I have come up with for race history so far.  Apparently Dean liked to enter  races that did not require traveling too far from his East Coast location. Attached pics are of the car when first raced (red) and when I first saw it about 15 years ago at the track. The other pic with the hood off is when we were sorting out the brakes and misc other work on the car here in CT. 
The car is still alive and well preserved here on the East Coast.
For 1969 season 
Dean Gregson raced the car only once at the 3 hour Trans Am at St. Jovite Canada finishing 9th.
For 1970 season
Dean fitted a 70 front front end and 70 rear tail light panel and ran the following T/A races...
- Schaefer Trans Am at Lime Rock Park with a DNF.
- Marlboro 200 at Bridgehampton with a 12th place finish.
- St. Jovite Canada with a 13th place finish.
- Watkins Glen Trans Am with a DNF.
For 1971 season
- Schaefer Trans Am at Lime Rock Park with 15th place finish.
- Bryar 200 Trans Am at Bryar Motorsports Park Laconia, New - Hampshire with a 10th place finish.
- Players Trans Am at St. Jovite Canada finishing 14th.
Engine as of 2007

On Track 2007
According to a late 2017 auction announcement from Sothebys the car was owned by Chris Messler, restored by a well-known restorer and sold to an australian motorsport enthusiast, back at Sebring and Monterey in 2016. It will appear at the auction block as lot 242 mid January 2018.

Last owner as of June 2018 is Chad Parrish.
Meanwhile he wants to sell it again ...on Facebook in 2019.
As of May 2020 we learned it has a new well known owner. Brian Ferrin got hold of it and will update us on teh story.

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