Independent Dan Furey T/A Mustang
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Picture courtesy Terry Miller
Terry Miller driving #61
Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

All picture courtesy Jimmy Huston/Historic TransAm site, with permission of Terry Miller

The History of Dan Furey's 1970 BOSS 302

Dan Furey prepared and raced this BOSS 302 first in the 1970 seasons T/A race no. 4 on June 7th, at the Mid-Ohio Trans-Am Race, in Lexington. Eventually he did not finish, but still got 50$ for his position no. 23. The next T/A race no. 7 took place on July 19, 1970. at the Road America Raceway, Elkart Lake. He finished on position 19. This car is a true "G"-code BOSS 302, which is not typical for most of the independent raced Mustangs.

But lets have a closer look into the history and owner logbook that current owner Terry Miller has accurately compiled:

1st owner: Dan Furey, Ohio
Purchased new in December 1969 from Loudon Ford, Hanoverton, Ohio. Dan Furey built the car and raced the 1970 SCCA Trans-Am series. The car was raced locally in 1971 in SCCA "A" sedan races and then in 1972 returned to the SCCA Trans-Am series during which time the SCCA brass tag # 72AS08 was assigned and attached either at Lime Rock or Mid-Ohio.

2nd owner: John Higgins, Ohio
purchased the car from Dan Furey in late 1972. The car was raced in the 1973 SCCA Trans-Am series and many SCCA and Imsa events until mid 1978.

3rd owner: Jack Beeson, Ohio
purchased the car from John Higgins in mid 1978 and the car was not raced again.

4th owner: Vic Brown, Ohio
purchased the car from Jack Beeson in 1980. The car was not raced and remained for 20 years along with the Warren Tope Boss 302 Trans-Am racecar.

5th owner: Neil Karolek, Wisconsin
purchased the car from Vic Brown in early 2000.

6th owner: Bryan Mimaki, California
purchased the car from Neil Karolek in September 2000. The car began a complete rotisserie restoration in 2001 at Michael Eisenberg's Maeco Motorsport in Northridge, California. Scott Gregory of Maeco Motorsport performed the comprehensive restoration with assistance from Jim Francies and Jose Benavides. The car began vintage racing in May 2002 with the west coast Trans-Am racers at Sears Point raceway running in the wine country classic. The car was maintained and driven by the father and son team of Gary and Terry Underwood. The car's 2002 vintage race season included the monterey historics in August, Lime rock vintage festival in september and the Chrysler Classic Speed Festival at Coronado in october.

7th and current owner: Terry Miller, California
purchased the car from Bryan Mimaki in March 2003 and the car will continue to be raced with the west coast Trans-Am racers.

Picture courtesy Jimmy Huston

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