Bud Moore & TransAM Racing
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Picture courtesy Ford Media
Bud Moore on the job
Picture courtesy Ford Media

One of the T/A Mustangs in Bud Moores shop
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Bud Moore - the Driving Force with a winning team in TransAm Racing

Bud Moore got involved in TransAm in 1967 with Lincoln-Mercury. They ran 2 Mercury Cyclones in W/C and 2 Cougars in the 1967 Trans-Am series. Some battery problems plagued the otherwise winning team at the end of the 1967 season. Mustangs entered the shop much later.

"Ford wouldn't allow the Mustang run against the Cougar in 1968 and they never won a race, so they called me in late that year to observe and then report back to them. They wanted me to take over Ford's TransAm effort in 1969.
Parnelli was a heck of a competitor and still is. Follmer, he was a little different kind of person from Parnelli. He was a good competitor and the two got along well. Follmer knew he was number two and sometimes I know he thought Jones was getting better stuff. But, he won his share of races. We never gave Parnelli anything better, they both got the same equipment.
Just the fact that we won races, sat on poles, set records...that made it all fun.
I really wish I'd hang onto one of my pony cars. All that is left, are the memories.

(Bud Moore interview by Stan Creekmore)

Ford started to drop out of active racing sports in 1970. The last factory supported program was the TransAm program at the end of the 1970 season. The Bud Moore team ran a limited schedule in 1971 and won some races, but then returned to NASCAR.

Picture courtesy Ford Media
Bud Moore and his team in front of his shop
Picture courtesy Ford Media

Interview quotes taken from ZIPPO 1995 U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Brochure

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