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Bridgehampton back then
Picture courtesy Sam Colman

Bridgehampton Race Track
Bridgehampton Race Circuit is a 2.85-mile, 13 turn road course located near Sag Harbor, on Long Island in New York State. At the present time Bridgehampton is used primarily by the New York Region of the SCCA and by various other Clubs (both Marquee and Racing.)

Historical Note
The Town of Bridgehampton began searching for a new site for a racetrack in 1952 and located a parcel near Sag Harbor. The first race on Bridgehampton Race Circuit occurred in 1957, the same year as the first race at Lime Rock and one year after the third Watkins Glen circuit came into use. The facility has always been somewhat primitive, and development has been limited by the hostility of locals who bought nearby housing on the assurance that the race track "would be going outof business soon anyway".

In 1981, the track was near bankruptcy. A group named the ``Friends of Bridgehampton'' was formed, and they brought in a new owner and high hopes. The owner opted to not spend on development as much as was hoped, in part due to continuing hostility from the surrounding community. The present ``Bridgehamption Racing Heritage Group'' has many members in common with the old Friends of Bridgehampton group, and a similar goal - saving ``the Bridge''. (Excert of Bridgehampton site)

Picture courtesy David M. Bauer
Bridegehampton 1969 paddock with Parnelli Jones in the forefront in his #15 car
Picture courtesy David M. Bauer

Picture courtesy David M. Bauer
Bridgehampton 1969 aerea overview with George Follmer in the forefront in his #16 car.

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