Trans Am Mustang Racing Literature
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The Cars of Trans-Am 1966-1973 Racing by David Tom
Latest publication as of February 2013 is David Toms book for the T/A niche market. Though we haven't read it yet or handy to do a review or even recommend it, it looks interesting to add to your collection.

David has still 9 signed copies (Bud Moore and himself), if you want to have a special one. Contact him via

The hardcover print will be soon sold out. Grab your chance (Dec. 2014)

Racing Mustangs by Dr. John Craft

The title picture of this books is  misleading, as the content is more than 90% about the classic Mustang Trans Am Racing History. Dr. John Craft is a famous Mustang historian that has reputation for accuracy and coverage of worldwide Falcons & Mustangs racing past. This is another hot tip as of August 2002, when it was published. Make sure you get hold of this book, although it will be probably readily available based on the minor marketing mistake with the pic.

Recommended for T/A fans. Available via

Book excerts can be viewed via Google Books

Trans Am by David Friedman

David Friedman was not only the official Shelby American photographer, but kept an eye on other cars as well. He lets his photographs very often speak for themselves in any of his bestselling books. The same applies for the Trans Am book about the Pony Car Wars of 1966-1972.
Recommended for T/A fans. Available via

Book excerts can be viewed via Google Books

Fast Mustangs by Alex Gabbard

Alex Gabbard has visited worldwide racing events during the Total Performance aerea. His books are for the guys that want to know the extras and specific details of any car. In his book about Fast Mustangs a major part is dealing with the Trans Am Warriors. Exclusive interviews with relevant race mechanics, drivers, team chiefs and project managers are a special add-on and give you an insight in the racing scene back then
Recommended for Mustang Racing enthusiasts as well as for Trans Am enthusiasts. Available through major Mustang dealers and (obsolete as of Jan. 2003).Published in 1990.

Mustang Boss 302 - Ford's Trans Am Pony Car by Donald Farr

Donald Farr wrote this book decades ago and unfortunately it is obsolete as of 2001 its original version.  Sometimes they pop up on ebay for 150 to 300 dollar and are still considered by collectors.

A reprint in a new format was done in July 2011.


Boss & Cobra Jet Mustangs - Dr. John Craft

This excellent full colour picture book contains a good dose of the T/A Mustangs. Recommended not only for T/A enthusiasts.

NO SHOW - TRANS AM 1966-1972
Unfortunately this interesting book by Tim Tuttle and Daniel Lipetz never made it into the distribution. Still listed online somewhere, the Lipetz family receives requests for it once and then,but it remains unavailable until further notice.

We hope it makes its way once to the public


OBSOLETE - TRANS-AM Racing 1966-1985 by Albert Brochroch
This book reappears once and then on ebay or amazon as a used book upwards of 150 Dollar.
Written in 1986 it is a nice present for a T/A enthusiast.

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