Bill Barr 1970 A/S Boss 302
Dan Long, Wolfgang Kohrn -  December 2017,  last updated January 2021

Pictures courtesy Bill Barr/ Dan Long archive.

Above color photo of car on trailer pulled behind station wagon:
6/16/1972 arriving at debut race (Road America June Sprints, 1972).

 Ford Engine Engineer Bill Barr's Boss 1970 302 raced in A/S in 1972 and 1973.

Above picture shows the car as raced in 1972 at the SCCA race at Michigan International Speedway in 1972.

Dan Long, the current owner since July 2017 told us:
This 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 has a very unique history. It was sold from the Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant to Ford Engineering in late 1969 and used as a test car for the 351 Cobra Jet engine that later appeared in the Ford Torino. After the testing was completed, the car was set to be scrapped by a third party.

Iit was acquired by Ford Engine Engineer Bill Barr, who was an engineer on the 428 Cobra Jet and was Principal Design Engineer on the production Boss 302 engine for Ford Motor Company.

Bill acquired the car in 1971 and stripped it in his home garage in Plymouth Township, Michigan. There, it was converted into a very competitive National level SCCA A/Sedan race car. The car made it's SCCA racing debut at the 1972 Road America June Sprints with Bill at the wheel. Bill raced the car in SCCA National Races at tracks throughout the Midwest, including Road America, Mid Ohio, Michigan International Speedway, Grattan Raceway, Indianapolis Raceway Park and Blackhawk Farms. It was usually a front runner in the A/Sedan class, with a second place finish at Mid Ohio in September 1972. The car was displayed by Bill at the 1972 Ford Engineering Center Summer Employee Event. After being sold by Bill Barr in 1973, the car changed hands several times over the next 2 decades, eventually being found deteriorating next to a garage in Michigan. The car has since been restored. It is currently being brought back to 1972 livery as race by Bill.

I have personally spoken with Bill Barr himself on several occasions regarding the history of this particular car. He has given me a ton of information on the original build specs, race history, etc.

In fact It was never a factory experimental race car. It was a production Boss 302 turned into a race car in Bill Barr's personal garage by the engineer responsible for the production Boss 302 engine.

Bill has given me several photos of the car from 1972 and I am currently returning the Boss to its 1972 livery. Over time, I will also be replacing the updated parts with period parts, some of which was already done by the previous owner.

I really want this car to have its true history known and not be misunderstood. I also would like to respond to the claim that has been made that this car did not have a roll bar in period, and that it had a full interior. In the photos that I received from Bill Barr himself, the interior is clearly visible in one photo and it shows a full roll cage as well as the race seat.

Car displayed by Bill Barr at the 1972 Ford Engineering Employee Event

It seemed to brighten Bills day when I told him I had the car and would like to return it to its 1972 specification. I truly appreciate his help in clearing up alot of things and filling in the blanks. 

Updates will be done soon. Dan Long

Below is the car pictured as it was shown in 2015.


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