Shelby Team BOSS 302 9F02R112073 in Trans Am Racing
© Sam Colman, David Bauer, G.A. Wolfgang Kohrn - May 12th, 2003, last updated June 29th, 2017


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1972 Season
Dark Horse Racing Team with John Gimbel as driver

Continued: The History of 9F02R112073 after 1972

More pictures  from the 1972 season with Driver John Gimbel.

Here is some more general info on the Factory Racing Boss 302 Cars 
(A total of 15 plus 1 shell)
The first two cars delivered to Kar Kraft were 9F02R112073 (Carroll Shelby) & 9F02R112074 (Bud Moore). These were different from the rest of the cars as they started life as "R" code Cobra Jet cars rather than the "M" code 351W-4V cars used later.

The factory invoices - issued on 10th January 1969 reveal interesting details on the second batch of the Factory racers 9F02M148623 through 9F02M148629.
It lists:
  • Special paint ID 178-D-406*
  • The special DSO 89-280 order, which was the same for all 7 consecutive numbered test-mule cars.
  • Rim-Blow Steering Wheel
  • Rear tinted glass (standard in 1969)
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • E78x14 4P.R. BSW Tires
  • Interior Code 2A (Black Vinyl)

The only other car (out of the second batch) with full treatment from Kar Kraft went to Smokey Yunick, but was never raced in an official Trans Am race. Its main appearance was at the Talladega race acc. to Bunkie Knudsens order and after extensive changes of its suspension and steering set-up.

Sam Colman and David Bauer met various owners and George Follmer and Sam Posey  at the Lime Rock Festival 2002.

As of 1975 112073 was raced by Daher Enterprise Racing from Mexico. Kevin Knedler brought these pics to our attention. Taken at Mid-Ohio on the 24th of August 1975.
Jose A. Daher & Daniel Muniz were the drivers obviously.

The car was later bought and driven by Danny Moore.

Update 2003: 

112073 returned to the racetrack on the 10th of May 2003 at Willow Springs
Thanks to G. A. we've got exclusive spy shots of the restored car in its 69 condition.
"It was the first time out for the car so the team were just shaking it down. It did look absolutely beautiful." he reports. "What's amazing about the last picture is that the guy with his back to the camera leaning in the engine bay used to work at Shelby in 1969 and this was the car he worked on".
Unfortunately the oil pressure dropped off, so they stopped playing with it..... It is almost 99% original by now. The paint and tires are new, they researched and found parts from various locations, many NOS and original pieces, even the old Ford ignition, which didn't not work very good or at all, so they switched over to an MSD system. 

Update April 19th, 2010:
112073 is on sale by Canepa design on behalf of Phil Gallant.

Asking price 1095.000 Dollar
Picture courtesy Phil Gallant/Canepa Design
Click here for more information

Update June 21st, 2018
112073s current owner Don Dimitiriadis takes the car to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June 2018



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