Dick Thompson's '66 Mustang Notchback Trans Am Racer
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Picture courtesy Nick England
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Jim Sutter, the original owner, put the racing dentist Dr. Dick Thompson behind the wheel for the Governor's Cup 4-hour Trans-Am at Sebring in March of 1966. This was the first T/A race and the Thompson notchback was the first car entered and issued # 1. Thompson was the fastest qualifier and sat on the pole.

For the VIR 400 Trans Am drivers were Jim Sutter, Dick Thompson and NASCAR driver Wendell Scott. Organizers for the event paid Jim Sutter $500 to put Scott behind the wheel.

Another occasional driver was Ed Lowther better know for racing a Cobra. Restored by Dale Sale with additional work by Steve Francis.

This car started out as a 1964 1/2 six-cylinder model that Jim Sutter updated to '66 model trim and prepared to FIA Group II spec. The FIA papers are dated 2/21/66.

The car's first race was the Four-Hour Governor's Cup race for sedans at Sebring, 3/25/66. This first T/A race was a support event to the Sebring 12-Hour race. Jim Sutter put the famous racing dentist, Dr. Dick Thompson, at the wheel. For the new Trans-Am series, this was the first car entered and was issued #1.

Rick Mandelson later drove this car very often, even more than Dick Thompson.

Marlboro Raceway 1967

Summit Point


Pictures Archive Rick Mandelson transferred to Ponysite thanks to Steve Francis

The History of Dick Thompson's Koons Ford 1966 Mustang T/A Notchback

A good dose of humour is all you need for winning. It has been a secret ever since where to find that snuff. 
Picture courtesy Rick Mandelson

Seriously Rick Mandelson getting out of the car here, behind is the George Alderman T/A notchback and behind that is the Bob Tullius T/A Dodge Dart
Marlboro Raceway, Maryland 1967

Marlboro Raceway Maryland,1967 Picture courtesy Rick Mandelson

Marlboro Raceway Maryland,1967 Picture courtesy Rick Mandelson

Rick Mandelson driving the car at Summit Point Raceway for Jim Sutter (owner and driver) Pictures Archive Rick Mandelson 

Ross Myers pride as shown at the Monterey Historics 2005
Picture thanks to Phil Dauphinee

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