Bud Moore Trans-AM "body in white" in Trans Am Racing
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Picture courtesy Larry Cockerham
#3-1971 w. doornumber 116 as of 2002
Picture courtesy Larry Cockerham
Picture courtesy 'Classic and Sports Cars June 2001'
Jamey Mazotta in 2001 at a T/A reunion on Coronado Island off San Diego coast

Picture courtesy 'Classic and Sports Cars June 2001#
Jamey Mazotta in 2001 with his #16 Boss 302

Picture courtesy Kevin Roberts
#16 car pictured at the 2002 Monterey Historic Races 
(picture courtesy Kevin Roberts)

The History of the Body in white #3-1971

This was an original Bud Moore Team Car or to be exact a Body/chassis left over of the T/A program. In fact a 1971 Back-up car, but acc. to Ed Ludtkes Mustang Road Racing Registry never raced in the 1971 T/A season. 

The body in white 3-1971 during its first outing at Daytona 1973, showing door number 19, Driver Dan Doughthrey. Picture courtesy Ed Ludtke

"Sold in 1972 by Bud Moore to Morris Davis of Punta Gorda, Fl. Dan Doughthrey was the driver at that time. It was equipped then with a 351C engine. They raced it one time - at the Paul Revere250 at Daytona, July 1973 and quickly decided the prize $ in sportscar racing was too lean. Davis bought a stockcar from Bud Moore in late 1973, and sold the T/A Mustang to Len Cammack. (New Jersey?)
Cammack struggled with the car until he teamed up with Wendell Scott, a former Nascar independent, out of Danville, Va. They raced the car in 1974 and 1975 with limited success, in the newly formed IMSA. Money ran out and the car sat outside in Scott's private junkyard from 1975 to 1984.
I bought the car from the Cammack's in 1984, in Danville, began restoring it in 1986 and sold it to Mark Hereford in 1988, the result of a chance meeting while attending the SAAC meet in California that year.
" Mike Durhan

"I helped Mark Hereford in 1990 with his car because the engine was messed up when he bought it. The car was done in 91 and was judged in a SCCA concours 100 points on 3 shows. Mark raced the car at the 92 Wine Classic at Sears Point.
Richard Rodeck did the body and paint on Herefords car. As always it was a beautiful job. Mark put a lot of time in the car and it showed very well on the field."
Don Hodges

Sold to Ken Epsman in 1996.

1999 sold to Jamey Mazotta. Still actively vintage raced today.

Jamey reports: "I've owned the Bud Moore car for about five years now (2001). I'd always dreamt of owning one an still get a buzz, when it fires up, but despite all that thunder, once she's rolling, it handles surprisingly well."

Note: This information is pieced together from Mike Durhan, Don Hodges, Ken Epsman, Steven Francis of Motorsport-Historic Racing Services, Ed Ludtke and his Mustang Road Racing Registry, Scott Couchman, Peter Marcovicci, Sam Colman, David M. Bauer and Randy Gillis from JE Pistons

Ed Ludtke confirmed the following early race records for the car in 2007
Driver Event Date Results Comments
Dan Daughtry  #19 Daytona 04.07.1973 36th - DNF 28 laps
Wendell Scott #42 Road Atlanta  1 20.04.1975 19th - 33 laps 15th in GTO
Lem Cammack #42 Road Atlanta  2 20.04.1975 21st - 32 laps 16th in GTO
Wendell Scott  #42 Lime Rock  1 26.05.1975 23rd  - 54 laps 20th in GTO
Wendell Scott #42 Lime Rock  2 26.05.1975 23rd  - 55 laps 18th in GTO
Wendell Scott #42 Daytona 04.07.1975 44th - DNF 1 lap
Wendell Scott #42 Talladega 09.08.1975 21st - 21 laps 15th in GTO

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