Bud Moore Trans-AM 9F02M212775 in Trans Am Racing
Ed Ludtke, Wolfgang Kohrn - Published November 26th, 2003, updated April 24th, 2017


Photo courtesy Ford Media
#15 Boss 302 T/A with Parnelli Jones at Kent in 1970
Picture Ford Media

The History of the T/A Mustang Racer #9F02M212775

Bud Moore Main Team Car raced by Parnelli Jones and George Follmer.
Parnelli Jones drove #212775 to win the Championship on 9-20-70. This main car and Follmers #776 were originally built with the unique three-link rear suspension. Both had a very high shelf in the rear window area. While both #775 and#776 carried a gray paint interior, the backup car #777 was a black with gray paint. That is the quickest and easiest way to tell the two #15's apart.

Picture courtesy Gus Weil
#212775 at Riverside 1970 heading for the pole position
Picture courtesy Gus Weil

Parnelli did not like the rear suspension (3-link) and proved it with setting faster times with the back-up car (#777). So he did race and win with #777 early in the season. Bud Moore finally decided to switch both main cars back to the rear suspension set-up run in 1969 and in #777, so then Parnelli drove #775 in Kent and Riverside.

212775 also was used in the first half of the 1971 season until the July 17th. Elkart Lake race for Parnelli (Lime Rock) and Follmer, who drove it to two victories.

Following are the 1971 season races and results from Ed Ludtke himself (Mustang Road Racing Registry):
  • May 8th, 1971 Schaefer Trans-Am Race Lime Rock Park, Conn.
    9F02M212775 - #15 Parnelli Jones, driver qualified on outside pole and DNF race.
  • May 31st, 1971 Bryar 200 Bryar Motorsport Park. Laconia , NH
    775 - #15 George Follmer, driver finished 1st and qualified 1st
  • June 6th, 1971 Mid-Ohio Trans-Am Mid-Ohio Sports car course Lexington, Ohio
    775 - #15 George Follmer, driver finished 1st and qualified 1st
  • June 20th, 1971 Players Trans-Am race Edmonton International Speedway Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    775 - #15 George Follmer, driver finished 2nd and qualified 2nd
  • July 17th, 1971 Road America Trans-Am Elkhart Lake, WI
    775 - #15 George Follmer, driver finished 2nd and qualified 4th

The # 775 car was sold to a racer in Mexico in 1971 and the money used to fund the rest of the 1971 T/A season for Bud Moore, who had no more Ford money and who still lead the championship in the first half of that season.

I believe the Mustang to still be in Mexico, the owner who bought the Mustang from Bud Moore still has it.

Special Note:
The information here is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I have collected this information with the help of Bud Moore, Greg Moore, Marshall Robbins, and William Spangler, various employees of Kar Kraft, Competition Press and Autoweek magazines and programs and press accounts from the Trans-Am series. I also disclaim any liability incurred in connection with the use of this data of specific details.
Edward Ludtke
President and caretaker of the Mustang Road Racing Registry

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