Shelby Team car "Horst Kwech" in Trans Am Racing
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There are only a few pictures of this Shelby team car #2 available. Those are subject to copyright.

Mike Mulcahy was kind enough in 2003 to permit us the usage of this pic and gave us a short comment on the scene and his background.

"I have been going to Trans-Am Races since 1968. My dad was the engine builder for an independent Camaro Driver from Morris, IL named Duane Winkel. My dad owned an automotive store and machine shop. He built Chrysler Hemi engines for Bill Maverick Golden (the Wheel Stander), and many other famous drag, road race, and Unlimited Hydroplane Boats. 
As an adult I began to race myself and became interested in the history of the T/A cars from the 60's, 70's, and now the 80's and 90's. The photos of the wrecked Shelby Car on my website were taken at MIS in Michigan in 1969 just after the car had slid into Durwood Fletcher (an AMC Dealer) and killed him."
Mike Mulcahy/2003

The History of #148627

Picture: with permission from Ron Lathrop. Horst Kwech racing #148627 at the MIS Wolverine Racing 1969. 
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This T/A Mustang was raced by Horst Kwech at Michigan International Speedway and wrecked when his car went into a spectator's car, killing that owner Derwood Fletcher.

After that accident It was stored on a big shelf under a cover at Holman & Moody.

The current status is yet unknown although some posts on the Forum (Jan. 2003) said it was found. In fact it did not surface at that time. 

Dr. John Craft quote from
"The Kwech death car (killed an infield spectator at MIS as he sat in his AMC)  was stored at H&M in the old hanger that was adjacent to the main shop-along with the remains of the Walt Hansgen GT MkII (in which he died at LeMans), the remains of the Ken Miles J Car(in which he died at Riverside), the remains of the Les Ritchie AFX Mustang (in which he was beheaded-really really gross as his head rolled down the track still in the helmet) and the remains of the Fireball Roberts '64 H&M Galaxie (in which he was horribly burned at the World 600 in May 1964). 

When Ford cut H&M loose at the end of the '70 season (via letter dated 12/2/1970), they transfered ownership of the hulks to H&M. 
Per Lee Holman, the cars were ultimately cut up. Holman used to have bits and pieces of the cars (the melted nylon encrusted quick release buckle from Fireball's Galaxie, the steering column from the Hansgen car etc...) before the old H&M brick building was torn down, he may still have those pieces parts."

Editors note:
Early 2011 I heard again of the statement from MattLaFond about it being still existent. You'll be the judge yourself for the stories coming along. Not much happened until 2017.

Some parts had been indeed sold from HM to Curtis Jackson from HM and along with BIW/BME #4, The chassis is still missing, since it was gone, when Curtis returned to HM.

Below is a close up picture, we received in 2017 from Rick Yocum. Rick took the picture himself after the accident happened.

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