Bud Moore Trans-AM "Moffat car" in Trans Am Racing
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Moffat in #148624 and Bob Jane on front row with Geoghegan and Beechey next row at Symmons Plains, Tasmania

Picture courtesy David Bowden/Four on the Floor
#148624 at Sandown raceway in 1970
Picture courtesy David Bowden/Four on the Floor

Picture courtesy David Bowden/Four on the Floor
#148624 at Surfers Paradise raceway in 1971
Picture courtesy David Bowden/Four on the Floor

Picture W.Kohrn
#148624 pictured in a BP advertisement in the 'Modern Motor' mag (June 1971)
Picture W.Kohrn

In November 2004 the Australian Muscle Car  magazine issue no. 16 published a 25 pages article plus A3 poster insert on this car. You may wish to order an issue via Chevon Publishing Group Pty, Limited, P.O.Box 206, Hornsby, NSW 1630 Australia.
Back issue requests are handled by Ann O'Keill at sales@chevron.com.au

The proof - your Ponysite Editor just before launching. Unfortunately the skid pad was too short.

The History of #148624

This was an original Bud Moore Team Car. Given by Bud Moore after the 1969 season to Allan Moffat, who exported it to Australia and raced it there.

Moffat used to be a Kar Kraft test driver and assisted with the development of the '69 Trans Am. He left the U.S. to go racing in Australia in '69 but came back to Dearborn to try and track down a second-hand '68 Trans Am. Jacque Passino told him to 'forget the old stuff, there is a brand new car for you at Bud Moore's'.
It was one of the yet to be raced '69 cars, so goodness knows what Moore thought of one of his new cars going to Australia. 
Moffat apparently got the car for no cost but Moore slung him a Tunnel Port motor to begin with and Moffat had no end of problems with it. Eventually he started getting reliable motors from Holman-Moody. The car was alleged to have made the world race debut for the '69 car as it first raced (and won) at Australia's Sandown Park on May 4th 1969, a week before the first round of the Trans Am. The car had a glorious career in Australia, winning 101 of 157 starts before being retired at the beginning of 1975, finally being considered out-of-date.

1972 after a crash in a typical Moffat/Beechey fight

The Moffat racer in the Brut 33 dress at Baskerville/Tasmania         Picture courtesy Ellis French

It is a credit to Moffat that the car was not heavily modified to keep it competitive during that time. After keeping it for many years, Moffat decided to sell it, even going to the extent of sending it to Holman-Moody, presumably to sell on consignment. In the end though it came back to Australia and is now the jewel in the crown of the collection of David Bowden.

Dan Bowden, the current owner, adds: "Moffat also raced for Shelby (67&68 T/A cars) as well as for Bud Moore in the Cougars. We still have the Tunnel Port 302 that was sent with the car. It is just an ornamental piece nowadays."

The Moffat Mustang on Trailer at Symmons Plains in Tasmania Australia, shoestring budget in those days by look of trailer Picture courtesy Ellis French

Note: This information is pieced together from David M. Bauer, Brett Jurmann/AUS and David Bowden/Four on the Floor/AUS

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Bowdens home in May 2005 and having a seat in this famous T/A racer. Thanks to Dan and Chris Bowden, who had a story on each and every of the more than 60 cars on display in their sheds and workshop.

Thanks for putting that sticker on the windscreen :)

The rear box link set-up.
For the July 3rd to 5th. 2009 event the Bowdens from Down Under brought their treasure over to Goodwood/UK and the Festival of Speed.
We hope to have some words from them after their return to Brisbane. 

Picture courtesy Luc Ghys

The car as raced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2009. 
Picture courtesy Tony Turner from Odsey/UK.

Picture courtesy Luc Ghys

Picture courtesy Luc Ghys

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