Thierry Duche Mustang Group 1 Racer
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Picture courtesy Challenge Asave (no. 443)

  The History of Thierry Duche 1966 Mustang Group 1 Racer

Thierry Duches Mustang from the 64 Racing Team pictured at the Grand Prix de Pau in 2006
It won second place at the track of Vienne.

Hello there, I'm a french Mustang owner and I race with my car in the french championship. My logo is "64 Racing Team". 2006 was my first season. 

I decided to race with a classic car because these days it has become almost impossible to drive a real sports car in France on public roads (to much cars and to much radar traps :) The driving licence would have be a very short time with you. You can accumulate only 12 points (fine) on it and you've to wait 3 years without any further fine until you loose the points.

My racer is a Mustang Hardtop from 1966, the engine is a 289 HiPo and it runs in Group 1 (production). The VIN starts with 6F07C29_____

Thierry Duche
Location Biarritz/France

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