A journey to the good 'ol times - Mustangs in Sweden
© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on August 22nd, 2003

Cool option and now on my wish list - later Mustang mirrors on a 67

7R02C22.. in Stockholm

American Icons are real cool up here
It might just be the short season, where swedish Mustangers can drive their beloved cars, but for tourists it's like being back then in San Francisco, Los Angeles in the late 60ies or early 70ies. Hot cars just being parked as the daily drivers in the streets of Stockholm. In a few hours walk I counted 5 Stangs, a blue 71 Sportsroof, 2 early convertibles, a 68 Hardtop and this low and brute 67 burgundymetallic Fastback. It is a C-code, but the appearance makes it rather likely that sb. put his hands on the engine and exchanged it or gave it some more punch.

Having made an appointment with Roland P. and Rune B. nearby, I got a friendly welcome and tour through Rolands subfloor garage, where 2 Shelbys are undergoing a long-time restoration. Roland has indeed not enough time to speed up the process, but he'd never would let his Shelby's go. In fact he has all the time and fun to do it step by step. Under the roof of his garage and above the 71/72 Shelby Europe of his friend Rune is a not yet shiny 66 Shelby hanging, most probably a former Claude Dubois delivered Shelby, that was brought to Europe via Ford Advanced Vehicles and Alan Mann sold it to Claude, who put a 3.25 on it.
The hold on the projects (he has also parts for about 10 motorbikes that wait for him) allows Roland to research the history very well for avoiding any mistakes in the restoration process. Being acquired in the mid of the 8oies, it is indeed about 20 years, this car has seen the sun.
Since then Roland has already turned down quite a lot offers from people calling him up and so he will continue, so don't even try.

A true blue Shelby, maybe not the one from the King of Sweden, but at least in the castle park and a somewhat reminding background

Not only in America you can find rusted and still driveable old cars. This display of rusted 'Oldies' from Sweden might be the proof.
A short visit to the Uppsala castle meet of all makes of American iron gave us insight into the V8 scene in middle Sweden with lots of 50ies, Hot Rods, Lowriders, Dragsters etc, a nice mixture of cool cars in cool Sweden. Although we could not attend the evening "loop" cruise through downtown, the arrival of almost 150-200 cars was impressive enough. A variety of 15 Mustangs was a nice change in our 1 week sightseeing tour, as you might guess from the pics. Thanks to all whom we met for their open-hodd-hospitality.

A fake Shelby with a fancy emblem on the hood, stripes and other items sticked on to the personal taste of the owner - nothing wrong with that!


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