Donny Wagner, Joel Pruem Mustang Racers
© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on June 27th, 2003


Picture courtesy W.Kohrn
Luxembourg team at the Nuerburgring 1999

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

Donny Wagner and Joel Pruem love the technical issues of their racers

Donny is a longtime racer and one of the board members of the Mustang Club of Luxembourg. Both Donny and Joel know all the secrets of their racing engines, because they do everything - driving and fixing things during a race by themselves. Once you know each internal tidbit of your engine and how to adjust the valvetrain of a hot running engine in a few minutes, plus any contact area of the suspension, you are one unit with your car in a race. Donny and Joel don't need telemetric stuff, they are sensing information through their pants and in-car human inspection and Know-How systems. A dream for any car designer.

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