Titus & Julius Dittmann - Mustang Racing
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Picture courtesy W.Kohrn
Titus Dittmann and his racer at the Nürburgring in1999

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn
Front disc brakes on Titus car being serviced, altough he rarely uses them. Titus is not used to brake on his skateboards either.

Titus Dittmann likes speed

Titus Dittmann is a very well known vintage Mustang racer. Titus brought once a skateboard with him to Germany and soon after founded a big import business catching on the trendy sports device. Today with his background of a multiple big sports business operation called "House of Titus" he is able to spend his time on more speedier items like this Mustang hardtop racer.

Titus vintage racing career started with a few blown engines by broken valvetrains in 1996, then he learned to keep the revs under 6000. His race mechanic Tommy Ohler relieved Titus of his former nightmares and is a well-known insider, having always good advice.
Titus Adrenalin now keeps his Mustang up front with very good results and many first places in the Historic Touring car Championship (HTWT) in Germany. Aside from this Titus sometimes goes to Silverstone, but otherwise stays in his homeland.

Julius Dittmann, Titus son races this white 1964 Mustang, here at the AVD 2009.

For 2010 Titus found some new challenges in racing with Green gas and they continue the father-son racing project through the season, so they both have still fun on the tracks.


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