Joerg Bratke - Shelby G.T.350
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Picture courtesy Joerg Bratke
The Autohaus Bratke Shelby in front of their store

Picture courtesy Joerg Bratke
The blue-orange racer in the dealership of Autohaus Bratke

Picture courtesy J. Bratke
Another 65 black HT with 351 ponies under the hood.

Joerg Bratke and his race horses

Joerg is a long-time Mustang enthusiast and has raced a variety of Mustangs in the past. His latest Pony is a true Shelby G.T.350 racer. It got a bit damage in one of the recent races in August 2003, so he is looling for some body parts right now.
Joerg has been well known is his former blue-orange 310 HP rated Mustang, which is or was on sale in 2003.

Adding to his faible for Mustang racers is a third car in his showroom, a black 351 horsepowered 65 Hardtop.

For more info have a look at his site
They have an office in the Duesseldorf based Meilenwerk.

August 2008 at the Nuerburgring

One of the Bratke racers at the AVD OGP 2009 (Nuerburgring),  rented by the Niemeyer family

And the other one - both can be rented, if you have a racing licence and enough money for the full service.'

Below the same car at the AVD OGP 2011.


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