Shotgun BOSS 429

copyright Wolfgang Kohrn

Svein Erik Aaaserud - owner of a BOSS 429 since 20 years

With kind permission by Svein

"How Svein found his BOSS 429

Svein Erik Aaserud owns his Grabber blue BOSS 429 since more than 18 years.

I bought my Boss Mustang back in October 1982. The color was then black with red, orange and yellow stripes. It did not take long before I knew it was time for a big body restoration. The Boss Mustang was stripped down, and sand blasted where it was nessesar. Then all the parts were painted in the correct color, which on this car was Grabber Blue, code 2230.
When I had owned the car for about one year, I contacted a Boss guru in Sweden, Sewed Karlsson. He helped me to find some original parts, which I needed. After that it has seen many trips to Sweden. All of the Boss 429 Mustangs do have a spesial number, and of course mine lacked its KK number. To find this, I wrote to Mr. Steve Strange in Spokane, Washington. He was very interrested in hearing of a Boss Mustang in Norway, so he took the challenge and tracked my Kar Kraft #, which was KK 2284. He also helped me to get the right stickers, so for me it was only to put them in the right places. After finishing the BOSS 429 Mustang, it has mainly been stored in the garage.
I dragraced it some times in the early 80s and between 1982 to 1998 I have driven it approx. 250 km. But in 1999, I finnally decided to use it more, and the first trip went to Mustang Speed Week, Dagali, Norway and that weekend I put approx. 800 km on the odometer. That was three times more than the past 17 years together, and besides of some dirt in the fuel system, the trip went perfect. I have collected parts for my Boss since 1982, and have among others an extra engine and nine complete cylinderheads. I have also been lucky to find a special NASCAR SPIDER intake manifold and a Holley Dominator 1050 carburator. Plus a Hilborn fuel injecton system produced for the 494 Can Am Boss, only 18 were built. The engine in my Boss is a so called NASCAR version with a comp. ratio of 11.7:1. It has a NASCAR camshaft, NASCAR polished rods and full Hemi NASCAR cylinderheads. The pistons are from Arias. The engine is blueprinted and fully ballanced to the last detail.

Technical details:
  • Boss 429 Z engine
  • 575hp
  • carburetor Holley 850
  • 4 Speed Top loader
  • Rear: 9" 3.91:1
  • Color Grabber blue
  • Wheels Magnum 500 Tires
  • BF Goodrich

    Svein has a 72 Mach1, a 70 G.T.350 and a 68 G.T.350 in his stable besides a special Lincoln car.

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