Mustangs at Karlskoga/SWE, August 1965

© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on October 31, 2003

Bosse Ljungfeldt
with one of the Alan Mann prepared Mustangs in 1965

Photo copyright Bjornar Djonne
Alan Mann brought 3 Mustangs to Karlskroga in Sweden on 7th/8th of August 1965. At least one of them was an ex-Tour de France 1964 Mustang, driven by Roy Pierpoint. Bosse Ljungfeldt and Sir Gawaine Baillie entered 2 other Alan Mann Mustangs. Sir Gawaine Baillie was a member of the Alan Mann team, but drove his own Mustang.
A fourth Mustang was entered by a swedish driver Tarme Olsen. We are not sure wether this was an Alan Mann Mustang as well.

Picture shows Bosse Ljungfeldt with his Mustang No. 62 at the race. With the back to the camera Brian Lewis is pictured in his sweater.

Bosse Ljungfeldt racing in Karlskoga with his #62 Mustang Photo copyright Bjornar Djonne

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